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Feb 27, 2009 02:04 PM

Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner - Comments Please

Hi All,

Anybody tried this place lately? Is it any good? Thank you! Boone Bouffe

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  1. i'm not a fan of any of the JK restaurants. i find them all to be overpriced with mediocre food, at best. nothing is very inventive and while tasty, i just don't understand the hype. there are much better places to go in my books for the $$.

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    1. re: blindbunny

      Thank you blindbunny. Any recommendations?

      1. re: bonnebouffe

        for brunch/lunch, then i suppose? i guess if you're looking for something in that price range, i'd prefer going to george (on queen st) or thuet (sorry, i can't bring myself to call it bite me).

        i've always been a fan of cozy, cheap brunches. this city is abundant with them and i always seem to have a better meal at any of a dozen awesome brunch spots (and save lots of $$ too!).

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          I'm looking for dinner, tonight! I have booked at the Gardiner and posted afterwards and you kind of turned me off to go there :-)

          1. re: bonnebouffe

            oh no, i'm sorry!! have you eaten at a JK restaurant before? it is's more of my resentment at just how popular they are and not necessarily worthy of such popularity! but go..check it out. you'll have a good meal, you will. it just won't be something you'll be dreaming about afterward, ya know?

            have you been to madeline's? or george? didier? there's a recent thread about perigee which happens to be one of my all time favorite restaurants - pricier than JK gardiner but if you're going to splurge, i'd recommend that.

            anyway, sorry if i turned you off. go...enjoy!!

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              Thank you very much bunny, you have been very helpful and you seem to know the TO's restaurants quite well. I will try it then and let you know what I thought. Thanks again!

            2. re: bonnebouffe

              Go, don't let one opinion turn you off,

              I have been there for lunch (they only serve dinner on fridays) the service was slow, and the staff (or the one waiter i had) seemed rather uneducated on the menu items and ingredients. But found the quality of food very good and tasty. I don't find it that over price as most all mains are $30. and if i recall my SO had a very nice Back Bacon sandwich for under $15 (expensive compared to a $4 @ St. Lawrence market) and my duck was around $22? even with wine and a shared appetizer the bill was under $90, expensive for lunch, but much better quality then most restaurants for dinner. and we enjoyed our day at the Gardiner Museum as well, its a good day out date place IMO.

              I cannot comment on the dinner service tho.

              1. re: flying101

                been there for lunch.

                quite good, actually.
                very nice space.
                our wait staff was great.

                Poutine, of course, is a must. Duck was excellent. Pork belly pastrami is yummy.
                no real complaints.

                its not an every weekend destination, but the food and location are really good.
                i'd give it a 8 out of 10. maybe even an 8.5

      2. I've had great lunches at JK Gardiner. I especially remember a black cod and oxtail ragout that was divine. My fello food adventurer has been there for the Friday night dinner and loved it, the only flaw being a sort -of altercation or disagreement with the sommelier about choices of wine (sorry, Non Doctor).

        (NOT the chef)

        Jamie Kennedy Gardiner
        111 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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          Oh well, opening up a little discourse on the pros and cons of Ontario wines (and how they pair/don't pair with various dishes) is never a bad thing in my book...

          My apologies...

          1. re: JamieK

            Well I would imagine with such a small place they would have a limited wine selection. But I also did find the choice of selection and went some what limiting, and ended up with a personal preference compared to the one suggested on the menu.

          2. We had a nice birthday lunch there in early April for my sister. Between the four of us dining there, we ordered the caesar salad (very generous in portion size and use of garlic), a sort of deconstructed beet salad (no longer on the menu), the sunchoke soup (also no longer on the menu), house burger, peameal sandwich and sea scallops. The beet salad was delicious, and the sandwiches were a little heavy. The highlight of our meal was the service and delicious desserts - the sticky toffee pudding stuck out for me.

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            1. re: danaeclaire

              I loved this place, sad to see it is leaving/changing

              1. re: flying101

                Flying101, what do you mean its leaving? thanks

                My 2c, its a lovely room with a great view, food is acceptable for the price point, the only thing that annoys me is serving the burger on a muffin, and the menu is a little limited. But overall, not a bad place.

                  1. re: flying101

                    thanks F101, the guy must have overexpanded?