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risotto/arborio rice amount question

Making risotto tomorrow night and I have 3/4 cup of the rice.
To feed two people, without big portions, do I have enough?
I can never tell and wonder if I need to go to the store and get more.

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  1. It depends on how you're preparing the risotto and what sides you're serving with. IMO you have just enough if you're starting with a salad and side it with, say, asparagus or some other veggie that complements. Here's a terrific recipe I prepared recently to fantastic results. You can easily half this for your 3/4 cup or arborio.

    1. When making risotto I use 3 ½ to 4 cups of warm broth, stock, wine or a combination there of for every cup of rice. As risotto uses roughly 4:1 liquid:rice ratio the volume of the finished dish is greater than that of rice steamed at 2:1.

      I mostly cook for the wife and myself and have found ½ cup of short grain rice prepared as risotto is more than enough.

      If you need or would like instructions I'd be happy to help.

      1. I say yes it's enough without big portions.

        1. 3/4 C is the perfect amount if you are serving another course.

          1. Has anyone used calrose rice instead of arborio rice for risotto? I tried calrose after hearing Ming Tsai suggest it on one of his shows. Calrose makes a very creamy risotto. It makes good, creamy, rice pudding also.

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              Calrose (the everyday rice here) will always and only be a 'rice prepared in a risotto way' - a method that can be done to any rice or grain. BUT it will never have the creamy texture of a very short grain rice.

              A nice basic rice, a nice pudding but it will never have the balance of the cream and bite of a risotto. But will taste good prepared in a risotto way.

              TV chef or no

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                I use carnaroli. Very creamy results.

              2. From his column in the Times Online in the UK, here are links to risotto recipes from Gordon Ramsay:

                Jerusalem artichoke risotto with scallops

                Gorgonzola risotto with peas and broad beans

                Asparagus, celery, pea and smoked bacon risotto with gremolata

                Lobster Risotto with Champagne and Vanilla

                Wild garlic and parsley risotto

                Rabbit Legs with Sage, Parsley and Barley Risotto

                Mushroom risotto with sage beurre noisette

                Pumpkin risotto

                Sweetcorn Risotto Balls

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                  In a risotto recipe printed in the Times Online, Gordon Ramsay
                  explains how they do some advance preparation on the rice used in
                  risotto at his restaurants. This must be the method used on Hell's Kitchen
                  to prepare risotto so fast:

                  "When you cook risotto at home you can do the whole thing in one go
                  because you have plenty of time to stir it - in my restaurants we have
                  to blanch the rice first and then bring it all together later on. It’s
                  a nice way of speeding up the process - the rice just goes back into
                  the pan with the stock and quickly starts to become workable......"