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Feb 27, 2009 01:19 PM

Which Italian Restaurant in Bay Ridge?

My husband and I are going to dinner with another couple tomorrow and they want Italian. There are many places to chose from and Areo is out of our price range. I was thinking Chianti but I haven't been there in a long time. Where would you go for a nice casual Italian dinner?

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    1. re: carfreeinla

      Chianti is lousy. Ponte Vecchio is the best one, but, alas, overpriced. Tuscany Grill is your best bet. Not spectacular food, but solid, and a very nice, cozy place.
      Definitely get a reservation.

      1. re: Wet Towel

        I got turned off Tuscany Grill ever since they got the largest ( except for the diner) number of DOH violations....

    2. Any other suggestions? They're buying even though we've offered to split the bill.

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      1. re: MrsT

        Wet Towel and I have mentioned everything upscale except for Sophias- which I have never tried. That is on 84th and 3rd. Some more family oriented places in and around the area- Gino's etc. You could have a great meal of pizza etc at Peppino's..

        1. re: carfreeinla

          locals foodies salivate for "L&B'".

          1. re: zborovsky

            L&B: the restaurant is a dim glimmer of its former glory. Mediocre Italian American, with emphasis on 'American'.

            Having said that, I still do and always will LOVE their Sicilian slices. Get that at their pizzeria, and get at least 5 per person (its traditional).

            1. re: zborovsky

              L&B is not in Bay Ridge. Lots of places to suggest ( and other threads have) in other neighborhoods, but that is not what the OP asked.

        2. With all due respect to Wet Towel, I had dinner at Chianti not too long ago and, while not outstanding it was by no means," Lousy." Carfreeinla's suggetion of Gino's is a good one for decently priced, casual Ital Amer fare. though not a place to linger with friends over coffee/dessert. Enjoy your evening. :-}

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          1. re: Tay

            Thank you for all your suggestions. We were having such a lovely time over drinks at home, we decided to stay in and order pizza from Peppinos, since Gino's and Vesuvio's pizza have been hit or miss lately. It worked out great since our guests didn't have to move their car or walk from our apartment to a restaurant. Thanks again.

            1. re: MrsT

              That sounds perfect!... Good friends sharing good drinks/food. What could be better than that? Plus the added bonus of not having to deal with BR parking? Priceless. So glad you enjoyed your evening. :-}

              1. re: MrsT

                If you haven't ordered yet, get a side of the Broccoli Raab. I don't eat pizza ( my family loves the place) so that's what I usually get and it is always good..

            2. Italian in Bay Ridge... Get ready to be unexcited.