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Feb 27, 2009 01:03 PM


WHo has the best?

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  1. Well, I haven't tried many but Z'Tejas has a very tasty version. It is 3-4 cheese mix and topped with some grilled chicken. It's very rich, not exactly a casserole.

    1. Depends what you want. If you're looking for traditional, creamy style mac and cheese, Pok-E-Jo's is hard to beat.

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        In that traditional style, I've had good mac and cheese at Monument Cafe (Georgetown), Oma's Haus (New Braunfels), and at Ruby's BBQ. I had some really gritty disgusting mac and cheese at Hoover's once. May have been a fluke, but I've never ordered it again. I also had some soggy mac and cheese at Chisholm Trail Icehouse (the one on Spicewood Springs, not the one in Lockhart). Oddly, though, despite the fact the noodles had sat too long in the liquid, I still kind of enjoyed it.

        I can't think of any "gourmet" type mac and cheeses that I've had. And, I'm not sure any of the ones I've had qualify as "the best", although I've enjoyed them. (Oma's was my favorite of them.) Oh, and for something different, I like those little triangles of fried mac and cheese at Hill's Cafe.

        1. Parkside has a nice one.

          1. I'll second the Parkside vote.... Wink is also great with it's truffled mac and cheese.

            Surprisingly we had a great M&C at Quality Seafood. Theirs is a basic style but made with spaghetti.

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              I'll second (or third b/c of zombiekitten's post downstairs) the rec for Quality Seafood's mac and cheese. Non-traditional use of spaghetti noodles, but it is consistently REALLY good. Quality Seafood is generally spot on with just about everything they do. One of Austin's real gems.

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                Third vote for Parkside, upscale mac & cheese, but I could bathe in it, it's that good