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Feb 27, 2009 01:02 PM

Maplewood (NJ) Restaurant Week

Maplewood Village will have a restaurant week from March 2-8. Many restaurants are offering special promotions, including Luke's Kitchen and Lorena's!

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  1. Any word on restaurant week this year? Its always a great way to check out the village its such an cool town with the shops, art galleries and good food.

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    1. re: 2455Bklyn

      I don't know if Maplewood is having a restaurant week this year. If they do, I would expect it again to be in March, in which case announcements should start to appear in mid-February.

      1. re: 2455Bklyn

        I lurk on their very popular website and haven't seen anything yet; the site always has restaurant content in the discussion boards. Currently there are two, one about Arturo's NYTimes article tomorrow and the other on Hat City Kitchen, a new restaurant/performance place in Orange.

      2. Looks like a mediocre promotion, at best. Too many variables, some "faux" discounts, and Verjus doesn't even say what the special is! Why don't they follow Montclair, 25 restaurants all offering 3 course dinners for $30. Easy, simple, and attractive to potential customers.

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        1. re: menton1

          menton1, are you referring to the information in my link above, which is for 2009, or do you have some new information for 2010?

          1. re: ambrose

            Oops. Sorry, my bad, didn't realize that this was from last year!

        2. Here is the information about this year's (2010) Restaurant Week. For some strange reason, it is being referred to as the inaugural restaurant week. Perhaps the organizers would rather forget last year's edition??

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          1. re: ambrose

            Summit's week is on now-while not perfect their site has more info.


              1. re: BeeZee

                I dunno, looks like a pretty pathetic promo, very non-specific, more like a newspaper flyer trying to draw you in than a real Restaurant Week like in Montclair or Ridgewood, with a uniform price, real restaurants, and a 3 course meal. A Bagel Place? A "free potato salad with a sandwich"?? That just ain't a "Restaurant Week" to me, sorry.

                1. re: BeeZee

                  Hey, BeeZee, thanks for not pointing out the misinformation I posted above! LOL.

                  I made a fundamental mistake by taking information from a restaurant blog and reposting it without checking the veracity of the contents. The blog's title referred to the 2010 Restaurant Week while the contents turned out to be 2009 information. Ah well, c'est la vie.

                  I agree with menton1 that the information provided in your link is very disappointing, certainly not enough to get me to Maplewood that week!

              2. MAPLEWOOD, is a ticket happy town where even the slightest infraction, like going 30 miles an hour in a 25 mph zone will get you a ticket and as far as parking, don't even think about anything which doesn't have an explicit sign......many people have gone to court to argue about the summons happy police.......MAPLEWOOD......NOT WORTH THE RISK !!!