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Feb 27, 2009 12:41 PM

Cincinnati Restaurant Week 3/16-22 2009

I just read in the Enquirer that Cincinnati Restaurant week will start March 16 (2009).

The paper listed a number of independent restaurants participating in the event and mentioned the Cincinnati Independent Restaurant Association which apparently is the organizer.

I will have to go to the website to get more details about the week since I am not so familiar with the promotion.

Does anyone have a good report on what goes on during the week? Thanks.

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  1. Cincy has been doing Restaurant Week for maybe 2-3 years. (Other cities have done it longer.). Here it is usually one week in early Sept. and one week in March. It can be a real bargain and a great opportunity to try someplace new and support our local restaurants. The price this time is $26.03 for a three-course meal, with some of the less expensive participating restaurants apparently offering two dinners for $26.03. You should be aware that each restaurant sets its own menu and any policies and restrictions – some of the higher end places offer their RW menu only during certain hours, or only in the bar, etc., and it appears some are automatically adding a 20% tip.

    I’m glad to see that some of the RW menus are starting to pop up on the group’s website. In the past I’ve found it is not unusual for certain places to wait until closer to RW to set their menu (based on availability of fresh items, etc.) or for some reason not to post RW info on their own websites – you may have to call for details. When making reservations, I always specify that I’m looking for the Restaurant Week menu. I’m delighted to see that The Summit (the restaurant operated by the Midwest Culinary Academy at Cincinnati Tech) has joined the group. I don’t think the list of restaurants on the group’s website is entirely current (clearly Pigall’s is gone and I believe I read that Universal Grille has closed; there may be others).

    I’ve had particularly good RW experiences at Mesh, Daveed’s, and the late great Pigall’s. I would encourage you to get out and try it.

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      Thanks for the tips! I see from your handy link (thanks) that many more places have posted their menus and have joined the list of participants since last week.

      And many of them look very interesting. I have never been to several of the restaurants ~~Daveed's, Jag's and Mesh are three that we'd like to try for the first time. And some of the others, too, of course!

      I suppose I'd better get on the phone and make some reservations since I'm assuming they will be sell outs.

    2. I had dinner tonight at Brown Dog Cafe and loved every bite. Great service, excellent options. They'd even added a sixth option to their listed entrees. The place was absolutely packed and apparently had been most (if not all) week. I wish I'd had a chance to try Mesh ... maybe next time. I so appreciated the vegetarian entree; few places seemed to have one this week.