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Feb 27, 2009 12:26 PM

Where can I find German or Austrian Muesli?


I am looking for something similar to what you get in Europe....straight grains without tons of sugar and apple or stuff like that.....

I've tried some of the health food stores, but most of the muesli is packed with dry fruit and is overly sweet....Any ideas where I can find imported Muesli? Thanks!

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  1. i think trader joe's had some awhile back

    1. Schaller & Weber and the German store at the Grand Central Market both stock brands imported from Germany. You can occasionally find the same at markets like Pioneer and Zeytuna.

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        Schaller and Weber or head way out to Brighton Beach to the Brighton Bazaar which should satisfy anyone's Central and Eastern European fantasies.

      2. ER- Check out They sell directly to the consumer and I've tried #2 and 22 so far. I like the raspberries in these and #22 has whole almonds. I would ideally like just a little more crispiness in the muesli as I had this every morning on a trip to Europe several years ago and some of the styles had this slight crisp- without turning it into granola, which I am not a fan of. I'll try #1 next from Seitenbacher. The quality of the ingredients is very high from them. US made- the best I've tried by far is Uncle Ray's Muesli from Grandy Oats in Maine.
        Meanwhile, if anyone out there has additional suggestions, I'm still exploring European mueslis available in the US

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          Have you tried Mestemacher's natural fruit muesli? Amazon usually carries it. I haven't tried many brands but I can say that it's much better than Bob's Red Mill.