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Feb 27, 2009 12:26 PM

Eschbach's Meat Market is closed

Thought the Hounds should know of the passing of this legendary little German meat market on Western in Gardena that goes back to the early 50's. They closed their doors last Saturday. The owner said the greedy landlord was putting the rent up so high that, with this tough economy, it was too costly to keep the market going, so the decision was made to close. It hurts my heart. Oh where, oh where will comparable smoked hocks be found?

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  1. At Schreiner's, though I am sad to hear about Eschbach's closing. You can get it from the source up in Glendale/Montrose, or they contract out to a vendor who sells their stuff at the Irvine FM on Saturdays.

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      They also sell at the South Pas market on Thursday - 3:30-8 pm, a little closer than Irvine for many of us. The Montrose location is easy from Hollywood/Los Feliz/Silver Lake - take the 2 all the way north to Foothill, left to Ocean View, south to the end of the street, and there they are.

      1. re: Will Owen

        Faster is the 2 north to the SECOND Verdugo exit (the next exit north of Mountain), left off the exit, and left on Ocean View.

    2. Don't tell anyone, but when we went hog hunting, we used to take them to Eschbach's to be processed. They made the BEST sausage.....All kinds. You would bring them in the side door and the butcher used to let us sample different kinds of sausage in order to make our decision as to what to order

      Sniff Sniff. gettin' a little teary eyed.

      1. Just my luck.
        All these years driving by on my way to Marukai and thinking I should stop in to try their sausage and last week I drove by and saw the closed for good sign.

        1. I'm going to miss that place. Great selection of sausages and that oh so friendly Eastern European demeanor.

          1. For sometime though they have had a bad rating (C) by the inspectors. At one time last year they had closed down due to not passing the inspection.