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Feb 27, 2009 12:06 PM

Saturday Lunch or Sunday Restaurants

I am a New Yorker looking for cajun/creole/southern/new orleans-style restaurants in New Orleans that are open for saturday lunch or anytime on Sunday. I would ideally like to try the following restaurants in my 3 day trip to NO but I don't think I can fit them all in and none of them are open Saturday lunch or Sunday:

Deanie's Seafood
Cafe Adelaide (what are people's thoughts on this place?)

Suggestions?? Does anyone think the above restaurants are too touristy? I would prefer more "local" joints - particularly with a good crawfish boil. Location is not a problem as long as we can take a cab or street car from the convention center area + we are used to walking a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. -For a cool neighborhood vibe and "no reservations", I'd substitute Dick and Jenny's for Jacques-Imo.
    -If you're looking at Deanie's in Metairie, I'd go with Drago's instead (not in the Hilton).
    -Thumbs up on Cochon.
    -I'd walk around the corner to August instead of Adelaide.

    Not sure of hours/days off hand. Easy enough to google.

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    1. re: BayouTeche

      Deanie's is open for lunch and dinner Sat and Sunday.

      I'm sure you can get your crawfish at places other than a restaurant, i'd look into Big Fisherman or KJean's, get the crawfish and head someplace to eat them, that's the best way to eat crawfish.
      And fwiw, you don't go to a crawfish boil at a restaurant, a crawfish boil is an event that lasts for hours, from prep time where you drink beer and watch or help the cook to the soak time where you drink more beer and build the expectation of the first hot juicy crawfish and potatoes and mushrooms and artichokes and sausage, to the clean up and sitting around and drinking more beer....god I miss home.

      1. re: roro1831

        a crawfish boil is where we purge and binge!
        go to Frankie n Johnnies, R & O's, The Galley Seafood for eat-in crawfish.

    2. Yo Mama's, a pub w/ food, frequently does crawfish boils. worth a phone call...

      1. Deanie's is touristy, I've heard.

        Cochon is a good choice.

        Lots of people also like Jacques-Imo's. I think there is better atmosphere and food at Mat and Naddie's or Dante's Kitchen. But if you want something rowdy, go to Jacques- Imo's.

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        1. re: lawstudent

          Deanie's has great delicious food that is affordable.

          Also, the daily weekday lunch buffet at Mat and Naddie's is one of my favorite deals in town.

          I recommend both over Jacques-Imo's