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Feb 27, 2009 12:03 PM

The Tourist Foodie

My boyfriend and I, who love love love good food, will be traveling to NO in a few weeks, for one weekend only. That is two days worth of fabulous New Orleans cuisine! We love seafood and shellfish most of all, and he is particularly fond of spice. Our adventures in food usually take place in New York City. We love checking out all the top spots, especially those that are more neighborhood haunts than famous proprietors (but good food is good food!). As we're only in town two days, money is no object. Please let us know what is not to be missed. And maybe a little advice on the tourist traps that should be avoided.

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  1. Lunch: Get a shrimp poboy and a roast beef poboy at Guy's Poboys or Magazine St. Poboy and then take a stroll down Magazine. Maybe walk to Creole Creamery on Prytania for some ice cream. Cochon is a more upscale option (not super fancy, just not a poboy joint).

    Sunday Brunch: Eat (byob), Dante's Kitchen, or Refuel (byob). There are liquor stores everywhere so it should be no problem to pick up a bottle of sparkling for mimosas.

    Dinner: If the weather's nice - Mat and Naddie's (chargrilled oysters are a must, and the scallop salad) on the patio. If not, there is a new place, Boucherie, that is great (collard greens with grit fries, pulled pork cake, and bacon brownie are so good) ( I've also heard wonderful things about Patois and August if you want something fancy.

    I would also get beignets and a Cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde at some point. They are really good.

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      Patois is far from fancy. I belly up to the bar to eat and drink all the time.
      FWIW, I wouldn't leave NOLA w/o a taste of Patois.
      I'd also go to Luke, Iris, Galatoire's, Martinique Bistro, Il Posto, St. James Cheese Co. , Mosca's, Clancy's, Rivershack name a few.

    2. I'd go:

      Lunch: Commander's Palace and Cochon

      Dinner: Restaurant August and Patois

      That's a great taste of what New Orleans has got to offer.

      Breakfast: Cafe du Monde (Cafe au lait and beignets) and ?????????? Petunia's in the quarter. Some one might have to help me out with breakfast.

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        Why not a stop by Camellia Grill for breakfast? I always loved those waffles...

        1. re: 25dollars

          You could also go down to the Bywater to Elizabeth's for breakfast. Even my wife who doesn't like bacon raves about the praline bacon.