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Feb 27, 2009 11:32 AM

Nature's Corner Market, Spring Lake Heights

[I searched and saw no other mention of this place, so if this is redundant, I am sorry.]

Having been reminded by the recent discussion of the German butcher that the quest for better ingredients is something many of us enjoy, I thought this grocer worth mentioning.
Nature’s Corner is located in same strip mall as the SLH Post Office. It has morphed into an excellent place to by great food.

First up, the produce, predominantly organic, is significantly fresher than what I typically find in the supermarkets in this area. Recently, we enjoyed Jerusalem artichokes, beets, Swiss chard, and kale. All of it was delicious. We even ate the beet greens in a salad.

It is also a great source for Asian ingredients. Like the rest of the produce, the ginger roots were of better quality than I usually find. Other noteworthy products include soba noodles, naturally fermented soy sauce, and kimchee.

Additionally, although limited, the meat products were special, as well. I found a real free range chicken (if you look closely at the labels, most of the “organic,” “hormone free,” etc. birds, “free range” does not appear). I also picked up some grass fed beef (which, together with some organic yam and carrot, will become stew in a couple hours).

Now, I admit, we do call the place “the hippie store,” and it does seem as though multiple piercings are a prerequisite to working there, but they do a fantastic job of stocking a small, local grocery. If you’re ever nearby, check it out. (Maybe even treat yourself to a bottle of Braggs unfiltered, apple cider vinegar.)

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  1. Hi MGZ, what is the exact location of this place? By the way, I am really "tempted" by your post you had on Trinity and I understand that you were not having the normal dinner of the menu and they actually mentioned Mercy of the chef on their you mind if I ask the price range? Thanks!

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    1. re: HelenB

      Nature's Corner is on the southbound side of Route 71 in Spring Lake Heights. It is just a bit before the light at 18th Avenue in Belmar.

      As for the Trinity price question, I would think that the "mercy of the chef" dinners can be tailored according to the size of the meal. If I were you I would go have some wine and snacks at the bar and see what you think.

      1. re: MGZ

        It's the light at 16th ave. actually. And right before the light at Wall Road from the other direction.

        1. re: white light

          no, it's between Wall and 18th on 71... MGZ was correct....

          ironically, just a few doors from Nature's Corner in the same strip mall is an outstanding meat market, Drew's. Ask for buttersteaks or turkey london broil (just a large turkey breast, but still a nice piece of protein)... they also have some better-than-typical prep food and italian market favorites, dry good, etc... all in all, we like Drew's for meats and odds and ends, though I feel funny going from the butcher shop into Nature's Corner to pick up grains or other organics with a bloody rib eye in my hand!

          1. re: aklein

            oh yeah.... it is 16th. sorry, brain fart.

            Second the Drews recommendation. They have some good stuff and there... especially the turkey london broil.

        2. re: MGZ

          Thanks for the direction and will visit the place and check it out!

          Good idea...having a drink at the bar is always a nice start...will definitely report once we have the chance to try out! Yet, I can never write anything that is so interesting as you did! Ever consider to be a writer?

          1. re: HelenB

            You're very kind, thanks.

            BTW - Trinity puts a very interesting twist on a burger and a beer at the bar.

      2. MGZ, my wife and I go here at least weekly if not more often. They have nice selection of healthy food, vitamins and supplements. Yes when you walk in and see the young ladies at the register - just like going back to the 70's. Everyone that works here is very knowledgeable about their products and very friendly.

        My wife would agree with you about the Braggs, a daily dose always. As for me I'll take the organic chocolate bars for a treat.

        1. It's a good place. I usually hit the salad bat there a couple of times a week. Those dumping things are good!