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Feb 27, 2009 10:29 AM

Cleveland Saturday night...Girls night out

Hello Clevelanders! I will be in Cleveland Sat. nite, staying at the Marriott. A group of 4 girls wanting to have appetizers and drinks...thinking about Crop, Sushi Rocks, or XO Steakhouse. We would like a nice upscale bar/good food atmosphere. Drinks maybe at Divine Wine Bar? Thoughts everyone???

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  1. Crop has great food and D'Vine can be fun as well (they also have food but it's more like tapas). You might also like Metropolitan, which is on the opposite corner of XO.

    1. I've only been to Crop once, but I really liked it. I'd skip Sushi Rock. Can't speak to XO.

      Another great choice is Lola, on E. 4th street.

      If you want to savor the ultimate cocktail experience, hop a taxi to The Velvet Tango Room in Ohio City (you can take the rapid if you are into mass transit).

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        I don't really drink so I can't offer any recommendations.

        There are several locations conveniently accessible via the rapid. In your situation, I'd prefer them to closer, walkable options.

        One quick stop on the red line will take you to Ohio City. Bar Cento and The Flying Fig are both excellent restaurants. Try the arugula pizza if you go to Bar Cento. The Flying Fig is one of the best restaurants around. Of all the restaurants discussed so for, I'd say they have the largest selection of small items. They have both a selection of appetizers and another page listing "small plates."

        Taking the Red Line in the opposite direction will take you to L'Alabtros. I'm not sure how much on their menu is suitable for an "appetizers and drinks" kind of evening but it's a good restaurant for a nice dinner.

        The Blue Line eastbound will take you to Shaker Square. fire, Boulevard Blue and Darna are all very good restaurants but again, I'm not sure I'd go there for "appetizers and drinks." But what do I know? When I was eating at Boulevard Blue, the bar was very busy. The staff were familiar with the many regulars. It seemed like a nice, friendly place.

        Still. Personally, I'd stick with the Fig, at least for the food. All three of the neighborhoods have character, too. You'd have plenty to see and do if you got there before dinner. Especially if you chose L'Albatros which is near one of the highest concentrations of museums in the country. Among other things.

        A trip on the Red line westbound to Ohio City (VTR, Bar Cento, Flying Fig) should take 15 minutes including waiting and walking. A trip on the Red Line eastbound to University Circle (L'Albatros) or on the Blue line to Shaker Square (fire, Darna, Bouleard Blue) would each take about 30 minutes.