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Feb 27, 2009 10:10 AM

First time to Boucherie

Going to Boucherie tonight for the fiancee's b-day. Any recommendations? Everything on the menu looks pretty tasty. Also, what type of attire do they require? Are jeans innappropriate?

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  1. My husband and I went for the first time 2 weeks ago. I had a flounder dish which was excellent. My husband had a brisket with pomme frites, and both were fabulous. The appetizer we shared was the shrimp and grit cake and this may have been the highlight. Jeans are fine. Enjoy and let us all know if it is still BYOB. I know they were expecting their liquor licence soon.

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      The website says they are serving liquor now (or maybe just wine?) but you can still bring your own with no corkage (!).

      Get the grit fries with collard greens. The regular fries are delicious as well. I like the pulled pork cake ALOT and the fish.

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        I'm so excited about this place. Great food and fantastic prices...most large plates are under $15. We went two nights ago, Fries, boudin balls, grilled cesar, ribs, flounder, gnocchi...all of it was delicious. They have thier liquor license now but you can still BYO with no corkage fee...I hope they don't change this policy. Anyway, great new place.

    2. Anything veg on the menu right now? The website has a veg option on the menu but it coulda changed. Going with a friend who's vegetarian tomorrow...

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        Good luck on meeting your vegetarian needs, but I have to admit I think it's funny that you're trying to go veg at a place with the name Boucherie.

      2. Follow up to Friday night. They did get their liquor license and do have awine menu in place. As for the food, everything was tasty. And you absolutely cannot beat the prices. We started with the boudin balls, blackened shrimp and grit cakes, and a duck confit with soba noodles. The boudin balls were tasty, but I wasn't crazy about the texture. They must puree the meat, rice, seasonings all together and then fry them. I like mine more meaty. The garlic aoili was nice though. The shrimp and grit cakes were delicious. Great flavor, probably the best thing we had all night. The duck confit was nice, too. The broth was a little sour tasting, and I love vinegar. The fiancee did the pork cake, which honestly I wasn't crazy about. It was little dry. Good idea, I just didn't love how they executed it. I had the smoked brisket with fries. It was great. Nice smoky, sweet brisket. Very tender. And the fries were awesome. I enjoyed my entree very much. All in all, we really enjoyed it, I was just not overly excited. I will definitely return. I know they are rotating menu items and I saw a few other things that I definitely want to try. As for a vegetarian option, they were running a sweet potato gnocchi when we went, so there are some options there.

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          I am not enamored with Boucherie. While there are some non barbque items interspersed, the menu is basically average quality barbque, creatively plated.