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Feb 27, 2009 10:09 AM

Fun Restaurant + Quiet Enough for Good Conversation

I have two friends from out of town who have never been to NYC before coming in for the weekend. I'm trying to think of a place to go for dinner Saturday night. I'm looking for somewhere that is fun/cool/not lame but isn't so loud that we can't talk - we're high school friends who haven't seen each other for about a year. One of them hates tapas. Lupa was suggested, and seems like a good fit, but they don't have availability for tomorrow. Any other ideas?
Price point: around 50-60 bucks each with drinks. Location: below 14th street.

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  1. Highline sounds like it may fit the bill - see what you think:

    1. If you want to keep trying with Lupa, call the day of to see if they had a cancellation. Also, they save a number of tables for walk-ins.