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Feb 27, 2009 09:58 AM

10 people in the FQ tonight...moderately priced

Sorry for the late notice, but any suggestions for a group of out of town workers for dinner tonight in the Quarter. Local food preferred...oysters maybe, fish, cajun.
$15-$25 range for entrees I'm guessing.


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    1. Eatnola might work.

      Or maybe Acme if you can get there early enough to beat the crowds.

      1. Take the streetcar up Canal St. to Mandina's. You'll see it on the left a few miles up.

        Eat is also very good, but if you want gumbo and poboys, go to Mandina's.

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        1. re: lawstudent

          Last time I had to do this, I dragged my group to the Gumbo Shop. But Redfish Grill also good option. (And yes, I know I'm too late.)