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Has anyone tried the new Panera on Centre Street, Thornhill? Any comments?

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  1. Is it part of the Panera chain?

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      Yes it is. Identical to those in the US, I believe. They make some good, substantial sandviches, but are a little pricey. It's sometimes hard to find a $5.00 lunch these days.

    2. My friend has been several times, says it's very good. I'm going to check it out myself.

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        Fiji chicken salad is great,,,blue cheese, dried apple chips with a nice light apple dressing..

      2. Great place to have a coffee and sit for a while . Service is great . There is really no other place like Panera . Very comfortable , Food is good as well Free Wi Fi
        i love it there

        1. This place is fairly mediocre. I live right across the one in RIchmond Hill (Hillcrest Mall) and though the bread is fresh and baked there everyday, the quality of sandwiches are mediocre. The soups also seem store bought. Very disappointing considering the hype this place gets. Also, extremely over-priced. I rather go to the Sandwich Box. The prices are the same as panera but the quality is so much better in all sorts of ways

          1. Any word of one opening south of the 401? I ate at one in Savannah last summer and it was great. Nice variety of fresh breads and other baked goods. Didn't know it was a chain until I saw the one open in Thornhill.

            1. We've always been happy with our food at Panera.
              It's not the greatest sandwich you'll ever have but it's a damned good one IMHO.

              It's a place that a lot of people like to dump on. I'd check it out for myself if I was you.


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                agree -- overall it's a good food choice

                just wish they'd open some non boonie locations

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                  I like Panera Bread but it is severely overpriced. That being said, quality sandwiches mainly due to the great bread!

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                  I have mixed feelings about Panera.

                  As a BAKERY: I like the sourdough bread and the multigrain, but I wish the latter was available in a standard loaf-pan size. The double-sized miche is simply too much bread and not terribly suitable for making sandwiches. I prefer Panera to Cobb's, but I'd rather buy the more practical Ace Bakery multigrain for everyday use.

                  As a RESTAURANT: I'm not sure that we need another overpriced soup and sandwich restaurant. I was thrilled when I saw soup in a sour dough bread bowl. Well they had scooped so little out of the bread bowl that I bet I didn't get more than 6 ounces of soup. (It was about as bad as the non-hollowing of the bread bowls when Tim's did it for a while>) The other thing that I thought was bizarre was that I was offered either white or whole wheat bread as the side order. Am I the only one that thinks that something doesn't compute here? I'm about to eat this small loaf of sour dough and they're offering me a side of bread! After I pushed them on this, they said they could substitute an apple. For $5 + tax, it's quite filing though.

                  I'm indifferent about the service set up - ordering then finding a seat and going to pick up the order when the vibrating coaster says it is ready. I guess it saves me money, since I'm not paying (tipping) for service, but at the RH location, finding a seat can be tricky. The Centre Street location has much more seating.

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                    I'm with you, otfoodie. Including BREAD as a side with a SANDWICH is nuts. For a chain, they do a good job, though.

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                      I ate at Panera's Thornhill location the other day and had the soup in a sourdough bowl. They offered either bread or an apple on the side without me having to push. Naturally, I took the apple. :)

                  2. Do they serve salad at the locations in Ontario? Whenver I am in the states, I try to make it a point of eating lunch there. They have an amazing Greek Salad.
                    The sandwiches are fairly good but it is the Greek salad that I always look forward to.