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Feb 27, 2009 09:25 AM

Yonge/Bloor Asian joints

I'm heading to Toronto next week. Whenever I'm there, I end up eating at least a few meals at one of the Asian restaurants that line Yonge St. from, say, College-Bloor. They are, to put it politely, of varying quality.

Can anyone recommend places on the strip where they've had above-average meals? I'm usually pleasantly surprised by a tiny Vietnamese place on the east side of Yonge whose name escapes me; you place your order at the cash, get a number before tray's brought to your table.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. sounds like "ginger", close to bloor? I used to go to a sushi place on charles and yonge, called masa, Lots of choices, nicely decorated and they have a teppanayki table as well, haven't been for a while though.

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      Yes, the place you're talking about is definitely Ginger. In my view, it's still the best of the bunch - food is quite decent and great value. I particularly dislike the Spring Rolls chain - nice rooms but really mediocre food. There's a new place that opened where Saigon Sister used to be - it's more of a sit-down place, funkier decor but I've not tried it (in fact, I can't even tell you the name as the stylized sign is hard to decipher).

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        Yeah, 2 thumbs down to the designer who created their logo. I think it could be "Hoe's Kitchen". It's actually more like a fast food place, you go to the counter and order, then they bring it to you. Still "asian fusion" like Saigon's. Got take out once, wasn't impressed.

        Further down on Yonge, there is "Yummy BBQ", which is good Korean fast food. And then there is a place called "Witch's Table" which serves Japanese-Korean fusion that I'm scared of trying!

    2. Yep - I immediately thought of Ginger too.
      They've opened up numerous other locations, but my favourite by far is in the Annex. It's a new (and thus a bit cleaner!) location on Bloor, between Spadina and Bathurst on the south side.

      I'll leave the other 'hounds to give you other Asian restaurant recs, but please do enjoy yourself here!

      1. best japanese in the area is Ichiriki but is very expensive compared to everything else in the hood. Very good though for the area. Tokyo Kitchen is more like a japanese fast food joint and personally i think they do home-y japanese food quite well. I would skip the sushi there it's a bit boring but it is only $12 at lunch for 10 pieces and it's better than sushi inn or any other sushi joint (other than ichiriki) within a 2km radius.

        right at yonge/bloor the only place i can really recommend is Ginger. Everything else is a waste of dough. Oja can do okay korean food but you're better off going to koreatown.

        1. Yes, it’s definitely Ginger you remember.

          Like the other posters have mentioned Ginger has a number of locations around downtown now. They are all really good, and pretty consistent between locations, with subtle differences between each one (some locations have certain dishes, while others do not; some locations do certain dishes better than other locations, and so on). The closest Ginger to your Yonge/Bloor location is the Ginger at Church/Wellesley, about a 10 minute walk from the Yonge/Bloor location you’ve been to. It’s really good, you should check it out.

          Oja, which someone else has also mentioned is also decent, and cheap. Not mindblowingly amazing, but not too shabby at all. I really like their hot and sour soup.

          Papaya, on Yonge (at Wellesley I think) is pretty good too.

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            There's also a Ginger on the east side of Yonge, 2 blocks south of Bloor (just south of Hayden, IIRC).

          2. Definitely ginger - the only good place in that stretch. There are ginger's all over the city now though. 4 of them i think.

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              The Ginger in Cabbagetown (Parliament and Carlton) is the best of the bunch. Great service, reasonable prices, and excellent food.

              If you want to stay on Yonge and Bloor/College, Natural Sushi is surprisingly good.

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                Second the recommendation for Natural Sushi. Their all-you-can-eat is more pleasing than Katsu Sushi on Danforth; my husband and I go once a week for lunch to gorge ourselves. (Sad, but honest.)