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Feb 27, 2009 09:01 AM

Mini burgers for a party

Does anyone know where i can order mini burgers, fries and food like that for a sweet sixteen that i'm having for my daughter. I'm trying to do something different in the way of food. We are doing a whole NY type theme and want the party to be really cool. We were thinking about mexican food at first but can't seem to find anyone that caters mexican for 16 year olds. I don't want "pretty food" (although that is what i would like) but this party is not about me. I'm open for any suggestions that you might have.

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  1. David Burke at Bloomingdale's and Pop Burger come to mind.
    Curious about what you mean by "caters Mexican food for 16 yo's." I'm sure that if you elaborate on what you're looking for, we can help you.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      probably quesedillas, fajitas, etc...? Im guessing.

    2. Certe is wonderful. Food is outstanding!!!

      They offer things like "Burger and Hot Dog Bar" which include turkey, veggie, beef and chicken burgers, condiments, cookiesm salad, french fris, cole slaw, etc.

      They also have a "Picnic Menu" and they also have a very large hors dourves menu that include mini filet mignon sliders.

      They are super accomodating. I use them all the time. Call and ask for Cyndy

      1. There is this lttile place called White Castle you might want to look into.

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          I would totally crash that party. Beats the hike to 38th Street when I've "got the crave."

        2. There's a place called Sassy's Sliders on just a couple of doors north of Papaya King at 86th St. & 3rd Ave. Here's a link...

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          1. re: Deenso

            I ate there once before the movies because the line at Papaya King was so long - I really wouldn't recommend it, though the fries were good.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Thanks for the heads-up. I just mentioned it 'cause it seemed to answer a need for the OP. I must admit it looks just a little greasy - as though the White Castle at 1st Ave. & 103rd doesn't. But better the devil you know... :)

              1. re: Deenso

                Absolutely - it's just not often that my one Sassy Slider experience is useful!!

              2. re: MMRuth

                I agree. Good fries, but the sliders are a bit bland. They need to switch to potato rolls and steam them a bit longer.

                It's decent, but no White Castle.

            2. Stanton Social has kobe sliders and other small plates (tacos, for one), and I can imagine 16 year old girls having fun at Stanton