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Feb 27, 2009 09:01 AM

Manila Cafe in Springfield?

I'm planning a 30th birthday party for my man. I was trying to find a place that would serve Lechon, just because we have never had it before. This place came out of my search. Has anyone been there? Is their food good? Another place that looks interesting to me was Pampanguena Cafe in Derwood, MD.
I have never had Filipino food before, so I'm not sure how to pick them.... Our group of friends generally really enjoy any well made ethnic food, and are very open minded to anything new.

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  1. Try Lumpia atbp at Muddy Branch, Gaithersburg instead. Much better food, and their buffet are excellent.

    1. Pampanguana is the most lively and popular Filipino restaurant in the area. Most of the others are fairly depressing. However, it does not mean they have the best food.

      Atr lunchtime, they normally have counter service and the food seems mostly reheated. I don't know what they do at dinner, but that might be a better time to go.

      In general I always tell people to order daing na bangus, or marinated milkfish. It is my favorite Filipino dish and it is the one that most places seem to serve well. It is thoroughly delicious.

      1. I'm a Filipino that lives around Springfield and I don't go to Manila Cafe. I barely eat filipino food because of the quality they have around here. The closest one around here that are good are in Maryland. The Pampaguena Cafe is actually good and owned by my Best Friend from High School. I'm not just saying that because he was my friend from like ten years ago but the quality of food is the best that you will find around here.

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          My favorite place for Filipino food now is the Fairfax Inn, which is a lunch counter in a medical building on Sleepy Hollow Road (Seven corners area). Very simple dishes, but everything seems fresh and tasty.