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Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

I was just wondering if anyone had any recent experience with either Bel Tramonto or Tobiko? I looked in previous threads and found good things about both and wanted to see if anyone had anyting new to report. Klamath is the closest big town to me and I am looking for a really good meal. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Sorry i can't be of much help - I've been there and I know someone who lives there, though!

    I was there a couple of years ago, and we decided to eat at the restaurant at the airport, since that's a great option here in Salem. Huge mistake. Two hours of painfully slow service later, they finally got around to our "reward" bananas foster, for having made reservations. We were pretty much begging to get out of there by then.

    Anyway, I guess I can recommend where not to go!

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    1. I just wanted to bump this post to the top one more time, in hopes it catches someone elses eye! Thanks

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        I've eaten at both and they are very good (for that area) in terms of food quality, taste and service. The owner works very hard to keep decent dining options in KF so definitely support him.

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          I actually had lunch yesterday at Tobiko with some friends. I thought it was very good, although it was my first experience with sushi. It was very resonable and good service. I would definately eat there again and I am still looking foreward to Bel Tramonto.

      2. I can't speak to either of the restaurants that you suggest, but I will say that the Thai restaurant downtown (Thai Orchid I believe) is quite serviceable. My inlaws live in KF, and I would be happy to eat there again.

        1. Hey DesertGal,

          Well, I lived in Klamath from 1988 to 2000, during which period there wasn't much to brag about as far as good eats goes. There was an Italian place at the south end of town that was good, and a steakhouse at the end of Main street (by what was then Molatores, which is gone (but replaced by what is supposed to be another good steakhouse, but I can't remember the name of it).

          Anyway, I moved back to Klamath in November of 2008, and things have picked up fairly nicely. I've heard very good things about Bel Tramonto and Tobiko, but I haven't eaten there. There's a steakhouse on So. 6th called Mr. B's, I believe it is, that wasn't bad.

          As to Asian restaurants, the Thai restaurant at the far south end of town in Ashland rocks. Period. Get the Pad Thai and Tom Ga (sp?) Gui (sp?) soup. Oh my word, that's out of this world. Wildly out of this world.

          In Klamath, there's a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese (actually all-around Asian) place on So 6th that's very good! Solid authentic and well prepared food will be found there. And...it's not expensive at all. It's about in the middle of town on So. 6th. I can't remember the name of it, but the big sign above the restaurant has "Vietamese" on it. It's a few blocks from Summers Lane heading toward downtown.

          Tobikos is very good from what I've heard. and Dynasty, at the end of Main street where Molatores used to be (on the other side of the library), is very good! Stay away from any Chinese buffets in town. Not good at all!

          Two Thai restaurants in town are very good: Thai Orchid on Main and, oh, 9th, I believe it is, is very good! also, the Thai restaurant on Washburn (on the east side of So 6th in the little strip mall) is very good.

          As to Mexican food, man, things have changed. When I first lived here, Sergios opened a place, and that was the rave of the town. They were, in fact, very good. I haven't eaten there since I've been back, but there are now a ton of hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants, supposedly the best being two small joints on E. Main (close to Roosevelt school, I believe). On Main street, there's Hildagos, about which I've heard good things. A couple others around town (they're all over the place!) are supposed to be okay, too, but I haven't verified it.

          Otherwise, there's not too much else to brag about, as far as I can tell. I will say one thing about the Denny's in town. I know the breakfast cooks (one's been there for over twenty years), and the breakfasts are always prepared well and consistent. You can't go wrong there for a Denny's breakfast. Dinners? Ehhh, I don't know. Nothing to brag about.

          Well, I hope that helps.



          1. I live near there now - Bel Tramonto is good. In summer they have a garden out back that much of their produce comes from. The wine list is good, and not too overpriced (the way of all restaurants). They have a good Happy Hour, with a hand thrown pizza that's the best in KFalls (not much competition for that title, though). The Happy Hour is reasonably priced, the regular dinners are expensive.

            Tobiko was just okay - we had a couple types of sushi and tempura. It won't beat any very good big-city Japanese place, but it's a change.

            Second the recommendation for Thai Orchid, up the street on Main from Tobiko. If you are in town for lunch, Mermaid Cafe and the bakery next door to Daily Bagel are pretty good.

            Nibley's is reasonably good casual dining.

            Mr. B's is reasonably good mid-level American steakhouse.

            The Creamery is a standard microbrew pub, with fairly good pub grub, on the McMenamin's level (especially compared to Mia and Pia, which has great beer, but their pizza is an insult to the term pizza). Otherwise for good pizza, we go to Kaleidoscope when we happen to be in Medford.

            I used to recommend Los Potrillos, but the last two times I've been there, it wasn't very good - very greasy. That may have to do with the construction they are doing, and it might be settling down. I'll try again, though.

            I also like the little taco place on S. 6th next to Bread Barn (can't remember the name). Limited menu, but very good basic Mexican food. Jalapeno's is okay, too.

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            1. re: Mo So

              Yo, Mo So!

              Another Klamathite, eh (well, you said you live "near there," so I'll take that as in Klamath!)...

              Yeah, Nibbleys is good. They've definitely upscaled while I was away from Klamath for eight years. Oh, and the name of that bakery next to the Daily Bagel is, I believe, MCs. Not bad either!

              And how in the hek does Mias and Pias (I live near them) have great beer??? That's mind-blowing!

              Okay, I'm going to throw this out: You know the taco roach coaches that park near the old Thunderbird and elsewhere? They were not bad at all (again, years back) for a nice, big burrito. Made for a quick, good lunch, you know. I haven't tried any of them, though, since I've been back. I guess I'm afraid to find that they've gone down hill.

              You mentioned "the little taco place on S. 6th next to Bread Barn..." Hmm! I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I'm going to go check it out.

              And...have you eaten at the "House of Thai," I believe it is, at the south end of Ashland? Great food, especially, as I noted in my previous post, the Pad Thai and the Tom Ga Gai soup. Ohhhh myyyy word! We're talking out of this world, and I don't say that too easily. I have to qualify my kudos for this place, however, with the reminder that the last time I was there was before I left Klamath years back. I assume, though, that nothing has changed, since I drove to it and checked it out (but couldn't eat there at the time).

              Well, Mo So, nice to meet a fellow Klamath Falls person on Chowhound!

              Take care,


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                I live about 30 miles north of town, up on the north end of Agency Lake. That's my problem with Bel Tramonto - they only open for dinner at 5pm, and I try not to drive Hwy 97 north at night, and especially not after having a few glass of vino.

                Later this summer I'm going to start working on an outdoor wood-burning oven so I can get around the terrible (at worst) boring (at best) pizza in KF. Likewise I'm working on my high(er) altitude artisan bread recipes because I can't find any here (and I've tried the Green Whatever bakery on Main and the various grocery store breads.

                I haven't tried all of the taco trucks yet - I know of the one by Thunderbird, the one by Diamond Home and the one out where Biehn Street meets Lakeshore Drive. Pretty sure there is one infrequently down Washburn by Wal-Mart, but I try to stay out of that part of strip mall city. I've seen the carniceria and the little Mexican places on East Main, and those may definitely rate a look.

                The little place on 6th (by Bread Barn) is called El Cordero (the spouse remembers, even if I don't). It's in a little house next to the faux timber frame structure that Bread Barn is in. Down where the new Sonic is going in, sort of.

                Most recommendations I get are for places like RG Buffet, Starvin' Marvins, Black Bear - places that serve HUGE portions of (IMO) mediocre food. That said, I have eaten at Black Bear (a small west coast chain) for lunch a couple of times, and the spouse and I split something like a BLT. Not bad, but even split it's too much food.

                My favorite breakfast places are either Nibbley's or Klamath Grill on Main, where everyone has their own cup, it feels like about 1965 again (although I was 4 in 1965), and the buttermilk pancakes are great.

                Haven't tried much in Ashland yet, or really in Medford, either. I do like Kaleidoscope Pizza in Medford, and I'd love to find a good Indian food place and a killer seafood place out in the Rogue Valley somewhere.

                Since moving here (from the Portland area) not quite a year and a half ago, I've saved an awful lot of money on NOT eating out.....

                1. re: Mo So

                  Wow, lots of info here for when I revisit Klamath Falls.

                  Meanwhile, if you're searching for info in the Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland area, I'd suggest you search this board under those towns since there's a lot of info I've found. Places like New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro, Inti Restaurant, La Tapiata Carnicera and Jasper's seem to be liked a lot. I've not yet been to them.

                  I did go to Deeps Indian Restaurant in Ashland a few years ago for lunch (seems it may only be open for dinner "now"). My friend and I enjoyed it and thought it was good. I don't know how others feel about it.

                  Good luck.

                  1. re: oregoncook

                    Deep's is now Taj, and they do a very nice buffet at lunch. Very much recommended.

                  2. re: Mo So

                    Mo So,
                    Okay, you still qualify as Klamathite, at least for chowhound purposes! And, to top it off, we’re the same age!
                    An outdoor wood-burning stove, eh. Hmm! That sounds very cool. The only way to make pizza, indeed.
                    I ate at one of those small Mexican shops on East Main. Wasn’t impressed in the least with the beef (burrito). Talk about gristle. Not good. But I’m open to give a shot with one of the others.
                    Oh, yeah, I did go drive by El Cordero. Looks interesting. I’m going there next when I do Mexican food. Thanks for the tip.
                    And I agree about the RG Buffet, Starvin’ stuff and sorts. I’m not into those at all. Black Bear does have a very good Mac ‘n Cheese, and most of their dishes have a lot of food, but their cooks are horrible. I mean, there’s neither decent technique nor consistency. Were there these two things going on behind the line, the food wouldn’t be half bad.
                    Ah yes, the Klamath Grill. A good ol’ throwback to older and slower times. Haven’t been there yet since I’ve been back in town, but it’s on the list.
                    Oh, and don’t quote me on this, but I hear that Swans (formerly: Bakery, but now Bistro) has a two-dollar breakfast. I’m definitely going to check that out. (And yup, I agree with you about Nibbley’s.)
                    I’ll keep Kaleidoscope Pizza in mind as well, though I don’t care for Medford; however, I’ll check it out the next time I’m on my way to Ashland.
                    Otherwise, I’m all about the FoodNetwork channel and eGullet.com (if you haven’t been to that site, definitely go check it out. There’s a neat site that’s fairly new called FreeCulinarySchool.com. Jacob, the host, is a young professional chef who offers simple training for free. Pretty cool. I’m definitely sharpening my skills do more of my own cooking in view of living in Klamath.

                    and to oregoncook,

                    Thanks for the input! Searching used to be a lot easier under the older format (where all the posts were listed).


                    1. re: Starkmann

                      The Vietnamese place on South 6th is called Pho Hoa Hong, and yes it's yummy. Bel Tramanto is very nice, and Nathan (Carlson, exec. chef) made something of a name for himself at Avalon in Louisville, Ky. The Kings, who own Bel Tramonto, also own Tobiko, as well Waldo's Bar & Grill and a nice catering outfit.

                      I have to put in a plug for Green Blade Bakery on Esplanade, downtown, with an admission that we own it. We're small, all-family, and committed to the craft. Levain-based breads, made the slow way, including ciabatta, challah, ryes, etc. Also hand-laminated pastries and a bunch of other sweets. The website is www.green-blade.com , if you want to take a look.

                      And I am sorry, MoSo, if your experience here was not a memorable one. I'm not sure what might have happened. With all due humility, we have a fairly rabid following among local and regional foodies, and we just keep getting busier (We're even shipping croissants & breads to clients in Portland & SF now). Anyway, I hope you'll give us another try, and introduce yourself, so we can try to make good. And if you want any help with your wood-fired, I'd love to lend a hand. We plan to build one out front here someday.

                      Blessings to all,


                      1. re: levainman

                        Hey what happened to my other post? Anyone know? MoSo, did you get to see it?

                    2. re: levainman

                      Oh, hek, this isn't off the topic...too much! I mean, bakeries are part of the "good eats" ordeal as well!

                      I think I talked to one of you here a few months back. We talked about why you folks don't make donuts (no donut machine). At first I thought that was really weird. I mean, a bakery without donuts??? But as an artisan bakery, it makes sense.


                2. Wubba's (yep it's spelled right) Bar B Q is definitely #1. Take out only but great ribs, pulled pork and burgers.And the fries are pretty darned good too. Down the road from where Gotshalks( used to be) in a little drive through shack.

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                  1. re: cody321

                    Glad to hear that there's a place to get some "q" in K-Falls. Wubba's has an interesting menu - includes deep fried pickle spears!

                    I'm puzzled by your post though - you say it's take out only but their website indicates that it's a restaurant: Vhttp://www.wubbasbbqshack.com/restaurant_bar...

                    3930 South 6th Street
                    Klamath Falls, OR 97603
                    541-273-4BBQ (4227
                    )FAX: 541-273-0434

                    1. re: RWCFoodie

                      That's because they moved. They used to be over by the Thunderbird Market in a little trailer. with 4 plastic chairs out front.

                      1. re: Mo So

                        Thanks Mo So: unfortunately we've had to cancel our travel plans for now - hopefully when we are able to reschedule, we'll to check it out...

                        1. re: RWCFoodie

                          ... and I'm wrong. They still have the little shack on Austin by Sherm's Thunderbird and the DMV, but they also have a newer, larger sit-down place in 6th (by the Basin Boot Barn, a great boot placed crammed to the rafters with boots).

                  2. We ate at Bel Tramonte tonight and were incredibly surprised. We were stopping in Klamath Falls on the way home from Las Vegas and were blown away with the food there.. My husband and I shared everything. We started with a wonderful grilled caeser salad and what the restaurant called "risotto spheres". They were the best arancini we've ever eaten. Four were served and they were crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside, nicely salty from the prosciutto on top and sweet from the smoked honey that dressed the greens. Heavenly! The mussels in a tomato vodka sauce was nice and we loved the house-made spaghetti that was served with bolognese sauce. The tiramisu for dessert was nice although I would have been happy to have more of the arancini for dessert. We waddled away totally stuffed. The bill, including a Gin and Tonic and glass of beer was $54. Wish we could find another excuse to drive through K Falls again. Thanks to previous posters who steered us to this great restaurant.

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                    1. re: garber13

                      And, unfortunately, Bel Tramonto was a casualty of the recession, closed by the owners to concentrate on their other two restaurants, including the "only okay" Tobiko.

                    2. Basin Martini Bar (and Restaurant). Totally unexpected find. Charming downtown Kalmath Falls on Main Street. Simple and tasteful urban decor with casual, calm, friendly atmosphere. Husband and wife (Michael & Amy Mckay) team-up to personally serve & spark nice conversation with all patrons. Carefully crafted selection of martinis to appeal to a range of tastes are confidently mixed by Michael with quality and personalized ingredients. Kitchen turns out smallish but thoughtful selection of both lighter fare and entrees made of mostly local ingredients. Scallops wrapped in bacon sprinkled with crispy onions and steak and shrimp skewers with asian inspired dipping sauce are spectacular choices. A welcome and close to flawless execution even after a year in business and in a town with choices but no real standouts.

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                      1. re: marykanderson1

                        I have still not been able to get into Basin Martini Bar (for lunch, which, as I understand, they have great lunches as well). Thanks for the review.

                        1. re: Starkmann

                          I don't believe Basin Martini Bar is open for lunch, however, I belong to a networking group that meets there and Amy graciously prepares lunch, so perhaps you've seen us sitting in there eating...LOL! It is a lovely bar/restaurant and a nice addition to downtown for a change of pace from loud drinking establishments!

                      2. Can't beleive no one mentioned Wubba's Barbeque Shack. Great brisket, excellent burgers and fries. Take out only, although there are a few chairs and tables for use durning the summer. Don't know the address but not hard to find in K-Falls. definitely worth a try.

                        1. Just to update - Bel Tramonto closed last year. But some (all?) of the previous owners plus the new owner of Daily Bagel opened an Italian place on Main St called Lello and Beef. Ate there about a month ago and it was so-so (overcooked, greasy veal and brown wilted edges on the salad), nowhere near Bel Tramonto's standards. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was new-restaurant-itis. Will try again later (especially for the pizzas, which were very good at Bel Tramonto). This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner (but I believe closed in the afternoons in between).

                          Also The Creamery (Klamath Brewing's brew pub in the old dairy) has updated their menu in the last year or so and it's quite a bit better.

                          Unfortunately I tried the new Blondie's on Washburn (twice) and it was wretched service and food both times - won't be trying that again. This has been such an odd story - they had the burger stand up on Main, closed that, moved down to a new building on S. 6th (still a burger shack, basically) and opened up a full-service at the old Pappy Gander's in the airport - closed both of those plus the Running Y location this last year and are (I think) down to just the Washburn location.

                          Haven't been to the Basin Martini Bar yet, but I've had it recommended.

                          Daily Bagel
                          636 Main St, Klamath Falls, OR 97601