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Seafood Sausage in San Diego ???

If anyone knows anyplace that sells it, please let me know. I've seen it in Seattle and San Francisco, but that's a little far to go. Thanks.

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  1. Whole Foods has it from time to time. Call their fish department.

    1. Never seen it in any restaurants in San Diego.

      Has anyone else?

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        A few times we've been to the Linkery they've had a seafood sausage in their rotation

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          Yeah, I was thinking, that would be spot for it.

      2. We split out a post recommending a recipe for homemade seafood sausage to the Home Cooking board; you can find it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/599793. Please use that thread to discuss any homemade options. This board has a narrow focus on California dining and food shopping.

        1. I know The Oceanaire has done it but I'm not sure if it's a regular thing.

          1. Called Whole Foods and they will make it to order but not in a casing. Called Linkery and they do have it on occasion. Called Sausage King, T & H Prime Meats, Point Loma Seafoods -- no dice. I'll try the Little Italy Farmers Market today...

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              Any luck at Little Italy Farmers Market?

              I have yet to see it there.

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                I talked to the fish guy who said the sausage guy up the way had also asked him. No dice though. The Linkery may have it later this week so my seafood charcuterie (sp?) recipe may get some use this weekend.

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                Bisher's Meats in Poway and Ramona has a jalapeno shrimp sausage.

              3. Thanks Posh. I'll check it out. Kind of an amazing coincidence that you responded today because I found some at Trade Joe's last week and had it last night. Decent.

                1. Call Chef Paul Arias at The Fishery, PB. They've had it on their menu from time to time. (In case you don't know, The Fishery is on premises of one of SD's most outstanding fish wholesalers. Everything is fresh fresh fresh.) AND the restaurant is very receptive to customer requests.

                  1. frozen, but trader joes has a decent version

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                      The Fishery in Pacific Beach has had several types in their fish market in the past. Im not sure if it is a regular item, so I'd advise calling ahead about availability.