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Feb 27, 2009 08:31 AM

Rrestaurants near Manzano HS Abq

I'm going to be in Abq a week from Saturday for a workshop. Can someone recommend a pleasant place for lunch near Manzano? (Lomas and Juan Tabo)

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  1. That area is predominately fast food paradise. Probably the closest non-chain is Weck's. It's 2 or 3 blocks north of Lomas and on the west side of the street. It's basic sandwiches, burgers, some Mexican, etc. Chow's is a couple blocks north on the east side of the street for upscale Asian.

    Are you looking for any certain kind of food?

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    1. re: abqdeb

      Thanks for the tips.
      Not looking for anything particular, just healthy, well-prepared food without a long wait.

      1. re: momadamsa

        Not sure how far you're willing to travel, but you might want to drive to Montgomery and Juan Tabo and go to Flying Star. Much better than both of my first suggestions, but would take you 10 minutes driving time.

        I'm driving up that way this afternoon, so if I spot something else, I'll report later.

        1. re: abqdeb

          If you are going to head north on Juan Tabo, we really like IL Vicino. It is on the right side of Juan Tabo, in a shopping center, around Montgomery. Really excellent small pizza, sandwiches, salads and the BEST root beer! {DH loves the beer, but you did say you were at conference!]

          Flying Star is good too. Given my choice, IL Vicino is my first pick.


          1. re: abqdeb

            Love Flying Star - we may hit the one in Bernalillo on the way home.
            But time is of the essence for lunch.

            ps- Dinner at Andiamo tomorrow! Yay!
            Hope they have mushroom soup again - had a bad imitation at Vinaigrette the other day and need more of the good stuff.

            1. re: momadamsa

              IL Vicino should be pretty quick.

              Venezia's has really good pizza and sandwiches and should be fast.
              1331 Juan Tabo

              There is also a Garcia's Kitchen on Juan Tabo and Candelaria
              3601 Juan Tabo


              Andiamos! !!!mmmm

      2. Shari,

        Didn't see much else than what has already been posted. I'm gathering that you live in Santa Fe. If so, you already have Chow's and Il Vicino, so nothing new there. Weck's is not what I would call healthy, but it's not bad and it's nearby. It sure beats the Taco Bell on the corner!

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        1. re: abqdeb

          I wasn't impressed with the Chow's in Santa Fe, although I have friends who love it. We live in Los Alamos, where there is nothing to eat.
          There is good coffee and tea, though.

            1. re: DebitNM

              Wonderful! Both Peter and I can find just what we want there, with no compromises. The waitstaff is brilliant about advising about ingredients and making substitutions.
              And they put so much more care into their preparation than I'd ever do.

              Andiamo's is now my new diet - 5# and I get to go again! Finally, a real reward.

        2. Isn't Pauls Monterey Inn still on Juan Tabo?
          It's been YEARS since i was there.........

          1. A very good hidden gem, hides in the back of Arirang Korean Grocery Store on Eubank near Snowheights. The chef serves a limited menu of homestyle Korean food, served at one large community table. Excellent!