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fish and chips?

anyone know of a place that serves some good fish and chips? Looking for one in the San Gabriel Valley area.

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  1. There is a place on Baldwin north of Duarte, I hope I got my streets right. I forget the name, but I am sure someone will chime in. You might also want to do a search as this subject has been covered many times. Ciao

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      BB - are you thinking of English House Fish & Chips?

      921 S Baldwin Ave
      Arcadia, CA 91007
      (626) 446-1430

    2. Matt Denny's in Arcadia makes a pretty good fish and chips with cod. www.mattdennys.com

      If you prefer halibut, try Hamburger Hamlet in Pasadena. www.hamletrestaurants.com

      1. thanks for suggesting English House Fish and Chips.
        i did try a search and nothing seemed to come out. Maybe i was looking more at the thread titles. sorry about that.

        i will have to try it this weekend, thanks again.

        1. not too far is the Fish King in Glendale, which i think has fish and chips

          1. T.O. Fish and Chips in Thousand Oaks...trust me, it's worth the drive

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                Thousand Oaks - hardly near the San Gabriel Valley. They were pretty good although it's been about 3 years since I last ate there!

            1. Any comments about Little London, on Garfield in Alhambra? It's this teeny tiny place that you'd miss if you didn't know it was there. Always been curious, but never tried.

              1. I like Brit's in Pasadena. It's the puffy-batter variety, the sort you have to eat either outdoors or over the plate, because it shatters and tends to go everywhere. Delicious, though sometimes the fish is kind of rattling around inside its shell, and on occasion has been a tad overdone. Very good fries.

                Lucky Baldwin's apparently has them, too, though I've never tried there. And I like The Hamlet's version, too, but part of that is my perverted fondness for steak fries (which one can specify) dipped in the extra cup of tartar sauce they'll bring if you ask.

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                  Lucky Baldwin's also had/has their Belgium fest thingy going on too. Great fish and chips. Brit's has a better food selection, but I think the fish and chips are better at Lucky Baldwin's.

                2. Easily BRITS in east Pasadena. 1770 E Colorado Blvd.
                  Far and away the best quality fish and the crunchy batter is excellent. Served with fresh peas, malt vinegar and tarter sauce (for those who like that kind of thing). A superior selection of British ales on draught as well.

                  1. A third for Brit's in Pasadena - the best (English style) fish and chips in the SG area hands down. The other items on their menu are great too.

                    The chips here are especially great too - twice fried, thick cut. Be sure to have them with liberal amounts of salt and malt vinegar.

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                      I know this doesn't really count as SGV, but in North Orange County, TAPS makes a great fish and chips...well, the fish part is great and the chips are good.

                    2. It's been some time, but I remember in Old Town Pasadena at Barney's LTD- they had an excellent Fish and Chips there. It was a large serving served with steak fries and cole slaw, fruit or I think potato salad...they also had a home made tartar sauce.

                      93 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

                      1. The FOX and Hounds pub in Studio City - got the best beer battered deep fried cod along with Heinz Malt Vinegar. Top it off with a cold brew followed by a Coffee Crisp bar!

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                          When did Studio City relocate to the San Gabriel Valley?

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                            Hey, a valley is a valley, y'know? Okay, that's wrong, but since moving here from Nashville, where everything is damn near walking distance from everything else, I've gotten pretty blasé about mere ten-mile distances. And though both Brit's and The Hamlet (on South Lake) are practically next door, my real favorite F&C are found at The Redwood downtown on 2nd, which I consider only slightly outside my 'hood. A mere six miles away, not much farther than Monterey Park.

                        2. On Rosemead in Rosemead try The Boat. Also try the blue cheese salad w/ cheesebread -- wow!.


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                            That's ackcherly San Gabriel, or at least they claim it is (I think it's technically non-incorporated LA County). Rosemead is way down south of Valley.

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                              My thanks Will. It is San Gabriel. All these years I thought I was eating in Rosemead