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Feb 27, 2009 08:19 AM

Best Chicken Tikka Masala in NYC?

Yeah, I know there's already a "best restaurant in Curry Hill" post, but this one gets a little more specific: namely, who makes the best CTM in the city?

I'm well aware that- as Indian food goes- CTM is about as exotic as a hamburger, but I don't care- it remains my favorite Indian dish of all (despite its Anglican roots).

So, have at it, people: who makes the tastiest Chicken Tikka Masala around? The one you cross town to get to, the one you greedily schlep home, all the while dreaming of that first divine bite?

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  1. Personally all chicken tikka masalas taste the same to me. I agree that, while "pedestrian" it is still a tasty dish! Cant go wrong at that Balucchi's chain if all you want is tikka masala.

    1. Hard to find it in Manhattan, but if I must, my vote goes to Brick Lane Curry House

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      1. If CTM is truly Anglican, it's little wonder that so few people can tell if it's Indian traditional or reformed.

        I hate to be the guy who gives recommendations for something totally other than what you're asking for, but if you are a fan of CTM which, admittedly, can be good, you should try butter chicken, a.k.a. chicken makhani, a.k.a. murgh makhani. It is a similar dish of chicken tikka in a mild tomato cream sauce, but has the added edge of being native to Northern India. Dhaba makes a reasonable version.

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          try earthen oven at w72 and columbus. their butter chicken, sometimes served at their weekened buffet, is also good.

        2. My vote goes to Bukhara Grill. Well executed, bold flavor. You really taste that it's a step up from your curry hill indian holes in the wall.

          1. For All-you-can-eat buffet tikka masala, go to Taj Mahal on Bleeker st.

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              Brick Lane rocks , no doubt.

              But I want to propose a new contender - Devi. One of my favorite lunches in the city is sharing 2 lunch specials there consisting of Manchurian Cauliflower, Tandoori Lamb Chops and Kulfi and also getting a dish of CTM on the side. It is all so good there.