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Feb 27, 2009 08:15 AM

Help - Need bar rec in SF for tonight!

A few friends and I are thinking of coming up from the south bay to SF for drinks around 9 p.m tonight. We have no reservations, mainly because some people in our group are going to be dropping in and out. I would like to go to a place that's not too swanky, overpriced, or overcrowded, but also has a fun atmosphere and good drink/wine list.

The two places I was thinking are either WISH or Medjool. Does anyone know if we can sit on the terrace at Medjool for drinks without reservations? Any other recs?

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  1. Better get to Mejool's roof while you can. They've been given notice to shut the rooftop bar down due to permit issues. Does not look good for them.

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