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Feb 27, 2009 08:15 AM

Sugiyama, what to order

I'm finally going to Sugiyama and would love some advice on which to have:
5 Course Dinner $58
8 Course Modern Kaiseki $75
6 Course Kaiseki $96
6 Course Kaiseki with Wagyu $160
8 Course Modern Kaiseki $128

Thanks so much.

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  1. if it's your first time at sugiyama, i would recommend at least getting the 8 course modern kaiseki. the 5 course is really great, but to get a more complete look at chef nao's genius, i would say get the 8 course at the very least. i haven't had the others. however, i have had the grilled lobster with lobster brains that comes in the 6 course special kaiseki and it was really really good. i haven't had the wagyu, but i'm sure it's great. everything i have tried at sugiyama has been just FANTASTIC and i am so excited for you. the only thing i have a problem with at this place is that the menu hardly ever changes. but everything is of such high quality, that i can't complain. you're in for a truly unforgettable meal. please do report back!!!!