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Feb 27, 2009 07:56 AM

ferraro's in new haven has a huge ad this week.

just sayin' :)

you can get to the a via the new register site. i wish it were summer- i don't cook much indoors.

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  1. I am also a fan of Ferraro's, and their "flyer" specials are usually well below any other prices. A few caveats and shopping hints:
    1. Not all of their beef (at least what is prewrapped in the cases) is all that great. I don't know what grade they generally offer, but it is not what I would call especially primo. Their ground beef is always good, and I have no problem with their pork or chicken. The case where the butchers stand is where most of the "good stuff" is, and I have bought black angus and prime tenderloins there that were absolutely first rate.
    2. When on sale, their prices for shrimp are unbeatable!
    3. A shopping hint. If you are interested in buying the "good stuff," if you go between 5:30 and 6:00 - just prior to closing - they will deal like crazy to sell out anything that is prepackaged and not yet sold, sometimes slashing prices $2.00 - $3.00 a pound on things like NY strips, Filets, whole tenderloins, prime rib roasts, etc. Just ask "Can you do any better?"

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      thanks for the input. i meant to say "new haven register". they have outrageous sales on veggies sometimes also. i'm going to grab some frozen lobster meat for lobster rolls. just thinkin about that place makes all happy, even though my taxes are filling up the carriages of 3/4 of the other clientele. the spices are a bargain- they have the pickling mix (for corned beef) for a buck...all other spices are a buck also, including cumin, which is expensive elsewhere. they all come in a decent size container.

      1. re: lsnhc

        Appreciate the info as well. Good job local Chowhounders! I have been in there two or three times and usually am not impressed with produce. The bulk meats were a little scary. Too much for then, but now I have a freezer (more stuff to spoil when our exorbitantly priced electricity goes out). I digress.
        I was wondering if the beef, pork and chicken were good. Does anyone know where the pork and chicken comes from? Are they really butchering all this stuff themselves? Is Ferraro's independent? Do they close everyday at 6PM? I could think of more questions; really.

        I just returned from a shopping spree at C-Town (Ferry and Grand). That is my first stop for all things singularly hispanic.

        1. re: Scargod

          they are indy...not sure of the meat and poultry origin. they do butcher at least a lot of the meat themselves, and will cut stuff to order... they close at 6, and closed all day sunday. sat afternoon is the best bargain time but the place is a zoo. most of the stuff is emptied by 5 on sat. haven't been to c town lately, but i do score plantains at ferarro's for frying in the summer.

          and their own sausage is good to i might add, and georgia hots. i also have used thier corizo (sp?) sausage for a sausage-kale-white bean soup that came out great.

      2. Cool! Thanks for letting us know - - Worth a drive for Super Jumbo Shrimp! ONe time we went on the weekend of Super Bowl, place packed like sardines, and we got to witness the butcher behind the bargain box walking a guy through the mass crowd of patrons holding his arms above his head in a sort of headlock/arms in the air move--evidentally, the guy attempted to stash some meat in his long overcoat. Quite exciting. The butcher guy was pissed! Walked him upstairs to the secret holding room until the cops arrived! Ha. I despise cleptos!

        1. Love Ferraro's - it is cheap and entertaining. Great tip about going right before closing I will file that away.

          I find their ground chuck, Italian sausage, pork roasts/chops, red hot burger patties to be great. Bought a Filet Mignon roast there last year and it was as good as one I would have purchased at Stew Leonards. Am impressed w/the variety of organ meat -beef hearts are available regularly - not always easy to get - it will be an anticuchos on the grill summer at my house.

          Just raided their frozen seafood - the easy peel are cheap and good. I also do the deli there with good luck.

          Does anyone else remember Bongiorno's in Stamford? It was a childhood haunt for me and Ferraro's reminds me of it alot. (Bongiorno's was considerably larger produce & grocery wise but had a very similar vibe.)