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Feb 27, 2009 07:54 AM

Searching for Slush Puppies near Downtown

Odd request, I know, but does anyone know a service station or convenience store around downtown that serves Slush Puppies? I used to LOVE them as a kid.

I know there is a snow cone stand on South Lamar, but I'm specifically looking for a Slush Puppie. Sort of childish, I know, but I'm doing a bit of curling back into the womb right now looking at my most recent 401K statement... =)


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  1. i haven't seen slush puppies in more than a decade.
    i think 7-11 even has it's own brand (or lack of a brand) slushies, because they have those big-ass machines.
    their website doesn't have much info for local availability.

    1. While I don't know near Downtown, select Tetco and C-Mart stores in the Austin area offer authentic Slush Puppie brand frozen beverages.

      1. not too near downtown, but there's a convenience store/gas station on cameron, just north of 51st, that has slush puppies. i just noticed the sign today.

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          Thanks so much! Going to drop by some time this week.

          Thanks again,