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Substituting yellow onions for red

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My grocer is out of red onions called for in a recipe and I don't have time to go to another.


I bought some yellow onions instead--any recipe modifications you can suggest to account for the switch? Or just let it ride? TIA.

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  1. I would let it ride. You have no choice, it seems. I think the red onions are more for presentation. The red looks nice in some dishes....especially salads.

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      Thanks--it's all being sauteed for lunch an hour from now.

      Just thinking there might be an extra spice to throw in to compensate, not sure what I might be missing with cooked red vs. yellow onions.

    2. I agree with billieboy. The red onion has, I believe, a bit less sulphur so it doesn't have quite the bite of the yellow onion when you compare them raw but if you're going to cook them I think you'll find there's not enough difference to be concerned about.
      Go for yellow and enjoy.

      1. If it helps to reinforce what billieboy and todao said, I substitute yellows and reds and
        vice versa all the time in cooking without any noticeable difference.

        1. I am considering doing french onion soup with a combination of yellow and red onions. Any Thoughts?

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            I would be concerned about the final color if you use red onions since they tend to turn blue/black when thoroughly cooked while the yellow onions creates the traditional, and I feel more appetizing, golden color.

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              i've made a very nice onion soup with reds and chicken stock instead of beef broth. much lighter finished product and the color is fine.

              i prefer red onions to yellow as i find them less acrid. if it's a long stew or braise i don't mind the yellows.