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Feb 27, 2009 07:44 AM

Dining near John Knox Village, Orange City--Suggestions please!

We will be visiting my mother-in-law at JKV in Orange City. The last time we visited, the best suggestion she had was a nearby Olive Garden. Our son will be celebrating his 23rd birthday while we're there, and we'd like to do better than that. We'd like someplace that serves liquor and is clean and quiet enough not to upset an 85-yr-old woman who is accustomed to the dining hall at a retirement community. We like all kinds of cuisine, and will have a car--but don't want to have to travel too far. Any ideas?

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  1. I'm waiting for a response as well. My parents live near there and its a chain mecca. I hate going back home with the idea that my parents don't really cook anymore and I will be subjected to chains. How far are you willing to drive?

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      I guess we'd drive as much as half an hour, but less is better. Looks like Deland, Debary and Deltona are the closest towns of any size. I've seen some suggestions for Deland, but would like to learn more.

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        Debary & Deltona have very few restaurants and nothing I would recommend.
        DeLand has a few restaurants & the following have a quiet setting.
        Norville Barnes (
        -Eaten here once for lunch, burger was fresh, but they added some onion and the bread was kind of stale. I would probably go back. Serves beer & wine.

        )-It was good but small portions and high prices
        -I don't think they have a liquor

        Main Street Grill (
        )-It's okay, but it does have liquor.
        -In the basement of an old bank building

        Brickhouse (
        )-Havn't eaten here for a while, but it does have cheap liquor

        Within a 1/2 an hour you can make it to Sanford/Heathrow/Lake Mary(about 10 miles on I-4) where there are more options that aren't chains:
        In Sanford you have:
        Route 46(
        )-A few options here, Monroe's is the upscale restaurant, ate here once when it first opened, was pretty good.

        Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe (
        )-Good simple german food (basically have schnitzel and some other things)
        -Can get loud especially on the weekend, they have a german group
        -Not sure about liquor.

        Fishbones (http://www.talkofthetownrestaurants.c...
        )-My dad loves it, always takes his clients there
        -Does have liquor

        Amura (
        )-"Premium" Sushi, but some of the best in the Orlando area

        Vineyard Wine Co. (
        )-Food served tappas style during the evening, lunch portion was good but there was more bread than chicken on the chicken sandwich
        -large wine list, can get busy at night

        That was the area in a nutshell, let me know if you have any other questions or want to find out about more restaurants.

    2. Thanks, all. We ended up at Cress in Deland, based on a review in an Orlando paper. It was certainly birthday worthy, and they do have a modest selection of wine and beer. My son was very pleased with a filet mignon/shrimp combo special. We all enjoyed the creative appetizers. I was surprised that the leg of lamb I ordered was really braised chunks, rather than roasted, but it was tasty, and came with killer grits w/ shitake mushroom. Really, those grits (which also came with my son's meal) were the highlight of the meal. Service was attentive but unobtrusive. Prices were on the high side, but they are really trying to make the experience special. It's a new place, and I'm sure they're still getting their bearings. I'd try it again the next time we visit.