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Feb 27, 2009 07:26 AM

TOP CHEF Stefan - exit interview

Hi there!

Has anyone watched Stefans exit interview on Bravo's site?

The producer (or someone) is obviously asking him (very stupid) questions - like "what kind of fruit would you be?" etc...
Then he is asked something like "can you make your perfect woman out of various parts of your former competitors?"

He and Fabio think about it, and come up with: "the legs of Lauren, the ass of Leah, the boobs of Jamie, and the face of...............(they think for a minute) and then Stefan says: "JEFF"!!

..Fabio says "Yeah and the hair of Jeff"!!!

Bloody hilarious!

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  1. I have not seen the Stefan after show interview. Most likely it was conducted by Andy Cohen, who is the Senior Vice President of Production & Programming for BravoTV and is the person who seems to host all of the after show interviews and reunion shows for all of the Bravo reality series. He seems intent on eliciting the most "colorful" responses from the cast in these shows (which is very shrewd, and gives credence to the conclusion that these "reality" programs are really entertainment vehicles designed to generate advertising revenue, despite anything else that passionate debaters on Internet discussion forums might think.)

    In terms of Stefan, I had some direct email contact with him and he seems to be a very gracious person who really enjoyed his participation in "Top Chef". Stefan indicated to me that he has a book coming out and may be doing more television work in the future. You can find his catering company on the Internet, and he told me he is also teaching, and I believe he is selling T-shirts via his web site. I have always been impressed by Stefan's experience and professionalism in the kitchen, and I never thought he took himself or anyone else too seriously. "Talking shit" while in competition is so fundamentally part off the "sportsmanship ethic", and should never be mistaken with any person who is simply cruel or mean spirited, definitely not the character of either of the two "Euro Boys".

    Bottom line, at least in my opinion, is that the final four, Fabio, Stefan, Carla and Hosea are all talented chefs, have good heads on their shoulders, did demonstrate, with most of the rest of this year's cast, that despite being in contest with each other, you can work together when the chips are down, and with respect and mutual admiration.

    These are smart, hard working, passionate people, and it is likely they have all gained from their "Top Chef" experience, and will continue to do so. And when all is said and done, we, the viewing public had some engaging entertainment.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      That's for that Chino!

      If you have followed any of the previous TC boards, you would know that I absolutely adore Stefan.
      I admire his talent and his personality. I have be impressed by his warmth as a human being many times. It was obvious to me he is a gracious man.
      I have been defending Stefans character for weeks now, and allot of the naysayers were finally convinced when he comforted Carla at the end of the finale. He showed his true colors.
      I also think he hilariously funny!
      He cracks me up. He has a wicked sense of humor!

      There has been allot of critizism this season of the caliber of the chefs, but this group as a whole impressed me more than any other with their comradery and integrity.

      I think Stefan and Carla should be proud of what they have accomplished, and I hope he realizes that 90% of the viewers really thought Stefan got a raw shake!

      If you ever have the chance to correspond with him again - let him know Nellynel (a 42 year old married woman in Jersey) has a mad crush on him!! LOL!!

      1. re: ChinoWayne

        I loved this exit interview and especially how he resisted the repeated questions trying to get him to say he was bitter or angry at Hosea. He just kept saying variations on "Dude, I love Hosea."

        He also mentioned his forthcoming book... many times.

      2. It was pretty funny! And I also saw Carla's exit interview. Always a classy lady (and a bit emotional at the end).

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          That is priceless!!

          Yeah she is a lovely gracious woman