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Bevmo 5cent sale- what to buy?

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I wish I could find something good on sale. I prefer red, but open to whites. Suggestions?

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  1. Speaking of misleading advertisment ... this is exactly Bevmo's offer, as per their website:

    5-cent Sale!
    Buy one at regular price and get a second for only 5-cents.

    This is not a 5 cent sale, this is buy one get 1 free, or 50% discount from MSRP.
    Tons of retailers doing same. Actually, even much better.
    All across the quality / price spectrum.

    1. Bridlewood is owned by Gallo. I think they have a talented winemaker. I'd give their Viognier a try for two bottles for $20.
      Rancho Zabaco is another Gallo property. I haven't had their zin for about five or six years but it was a good value then.
      Echelon makes a decent inexpensive pinot. It actually tastes like pinot noir. That doesn't mean their zinfandel is worth it.
      Looks like the pickings are pretty slim.