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Feb 27, 2009 06:35 AM

Bevmo 5cent sale- what to buy?

I wish I could find something good on sale. I prefer red, but open to whites. Suggestions?

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  1. Speaking of misleading advertisment ... this is exactly Bevmo's offer, as per their website:

    5-cent Sale!
    Buy one at regular price and get a second for only 5-cents.

    This is not a 5 cent sale, this is buy one get 1 free, or 50% discount from MSRP.
    Tons of retailers doing same. Actually, even much better.
    All across the quality / price spectrum.

    1. Bridlewood is owned by Gallo. I think they have a talented winemaker. I'd give their Viognier a try for two bottles for $20.
      Rancho Zabaco is another Gallo property. I haven't had their zin for about five or six years but it was a good value then.
      Echelon makes a decent inexpensive pinot. It actually tastes like pinot noir. That doesn't mean their zinfandel is worth it.
      Looks like the pickings are pretty slim.

      1. The original comment has been removed