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Feb 27, 2009 06:23 AM

Finally hit Market in Vancouver - Dig it

Really enjoyed it -- terrific decor and atmosphere, not too stuffy, not too crazy.

4 of us shared Rice Cracker Tuna (excellent), Roasted Beets (excellent), Seared Scallops (good) and 2 orders Crab Dumplings (which everyone but me though was excellent -- a little lemony for me).

I had the most expensive entree (it was the end of a very long week!), which was the lobster with potato gnocchi, which was terrific. Also lemony, but here it blended well. The rack of lamb was the GM's reco and 2 of my party enjoyed it. Sablefish was also enjoyed.

Sommolier was very helpful, if not slightly excessively so. Pushed us towards cider vs champagne to start, which was interesting. Made solid wine reco for a reasonable price, but the name escapes me.

Desserts were delicious. Prices were reasonable.

Overall, a keeper.

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  1. I went for lunch yesterday too for the first time. I found the lunch a great deal, 2 courses & any 2 courses you want, doesn't have to be appy & entree, you can have 2 entrees if you like. And dessert included for $28. Service was excellent, everyone we encountered was pleasant.

    Food was good, but certainly didn't blow me away. I had the black truffle pizza to start & shortribs for entree. Everything was plated beautifully. Pizza was good, crisp thin crust. I don't know about the truffle taste as I've never had them before! Shortrib was disappointing. Chewy, chewy, chewy! My friend had the tomato soup & filet mignon with ginger mushrooms. He said they were good, but he wasn't overly impressed either. He enjoyed the dessert most. We both had warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

    I'd give it another try as there was a lot to choose from and I found it reasonable. I imagine my expectations were too high as per usual with me!

    I was going to take pictures but my camera batteries were dead!!!