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Looking for Great Pizza in Fuquay-Holly Springs-Apex

We live in Fuquay and J&S Pizza is good. Daniels is just OK to us, looking for something new. Any good places in Holly Springs or Apex we need to try.

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  1. I'll be curious to see the responses. I've only had J&S take-out pizza (which really shouldn't make that much of a difference), and the crust has been consistently soggy.

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      did you get it in Fuquay or Apex?? never been to the J&S in Apex. He haven't had a soggy crust in Fuquay yet (at least not at J&S)

      1. re: countgrog

        The Fuquay one. Maybe the toppings we chose were just especially greasy.

    2. When we lived in Cary we found the most excellent pizza at a place near Smithfield's and Bojangle's. It was on the right (driving from Cary into the intersection of Fuquay.) We regularly took our son to a paintball field in that direction and found this place by accident. I don't even know the name of the restaurant but it was a small storefront in a new strip mall and it faced that busy road. This was two three years ago however. If the place is still there, please try it!
      Also, the pizza at Cinelli's on Kildaire Farm was always good and would not be so far of a drive for you.

      1. Have you tried Asagio Pizzaria in the Kroger shopping center on Sunset Lake Rd just north of Rt 401?

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          have eaten at Assagio's. I think its better for the slices than when we get a whole pie from there.

        2. Since Sivio expanded from his Apex location, the pies have been hit and miss....unless he is working , and it isn't mad busy , I will call apie in.
          Unforunately for me the consistantly best pie I have found is up Capital at Mini City. A place called Casa Linga.......he has been there for quite awhile, and his weekend business is a testament to the quality.....based on the location in a strip mall.
          New York pizza, J&S, unfortunately hit and miss.....

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            If you're a fan of NY style pizza I'd recommend The Original NY Pizza. They have 4 locations. Maybe the Holly Springs location would be closest to you. Here's there website:
            I'm a native NYer and this is the closest I've come to finding really good NY pizza in the Triangle.


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              Also very hit and miss ....in my opinion....depending who's working , how busy etc.
              Give Casa Linga a try if ever up Capital Blvd. Always consistant.

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                I like Casalinga's lunch buffet and other dishes, but I've been underwhelmed by the pizza.

                1. re: Suzy Q

                  Wher do you go to satisfy your pizza cravings?

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                    I like NY Pizza, and when Daniel's is good, it's great. I've found them to be inconsistent sometimes, though. We also sometimes get pizza from Lubrano's on Chapel Hill Road. This weekend we tried the pizza at the new place in Celebration on Six Forks (Fugheddaboudit) and it was pretty good, but unfortunately that location doesn't really help the OP's original query about the Fuquay/Apex/Holly Springs area.

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                  I have had luncha nd diiner at casa Linga but never had their Pizza. next time up that way I will give it a try. For the person who reccomended The Orginal NY Pizza. We like the one in Holly Springs but as mentioned sometimes its incosistent. Same as J&S. This sat we got a pie at J&S and Silvio wasn't working and it was so so. Not soggy but not great either.

                  1. re: countgrog

                    Saturday my wife and I got a pie right before it started to get busy....young anglo guy and girl were working the oven.....pizza was burned and tore....young lady forgot about the two spinach rolls......they gave us an extra cheese slice and knocked 3$ off the total.......got home and we ate the spinach rolls, although slightly burnt on the bottom....pie was xtra cheese 1/2 pep.........my wife , daughter, and I each had a piece and stopped there.....the wife was going to bring the remaining half pie back the next day,........she went to bed and I spaced and left the pie on a coffee table in front of the living room TV.......5 am the wife asks if I left the pie out....".yeah".....our 15 pound terrier had a late night snack...........J&S is always good about taking are of good customers.....when called they remembered and will make things right.......anyhow consistancy at many of these places remains a challenge/problem. Have had both great and woeful at both J&S and NY......

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                      you might have been right in front of me in line?

            2. Had another so so Pizza from J&S this weekend and we decided we are done there.

              1. Tonight we tried a place we ate at many years ago and liked Mamma Mia's off Laura Duncan Rd in Apex. Pizza was very good and pretty reasonably priced. We will go back again, much better than the last few J&S experiences.

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                  We had a plain cheese pizza at Mamma Mia's in Apex off Laura Duncan Rd. last night. Definately the best pizza I have had in NC so far (1 year 5 months). We also had Bruschetta (special order item). Cant wait to try some of the other dishes. Very fresh, not greasy, and almost as good a crust as NYC pizza. For the best crust you HAVE to use tap water from NYC. Been proven to have something in the mineral content that just works perfectly. We will go back. The staff were extremely friendly Italians from NJ.

                2. I know nothing of all the other places mentioned, I live in Durham but one of my coworkers has picked up pizza for lunch a few times from Anna's in Apex and IMO it's outstanding. One of the best crusts I've ever had, good cheese, sauced just right. I've never had a plain cheese pizza before that was as good as theirs.

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                    We tried Anna's last night and we may have found our winner. the crust was thin but held everything without being sogy. They make their own fresh mozzerla and had crushed roma tomatos, and fresh basil on the pie. Excellent flavor. the only drawback is price. A large 8 slice pie and 6 garlic knots was $24.75. That was for their Margharita pie. Their base pie is $13.95 + $2.90 a topping. But you do get what you pay for.

                  2. Has anyone tried Michaelangelo's in Cary? We were talking with a couple at the Fairgrounds yesterday who said it was fantastic, but we've not tried it yet.

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                      Michaelangelo's is not the best pizza in the area but it is good pizza. They have a 2 slice and a drink lunch for less tha $4. Not the absolute best pizza but one of the best cheap lunches around.

                    2. The Original NY PIzza in Holly Springs is the best pizza in the area you are asking about, Fuquay/Holly Springs/Apex. Not sure why someone would mention a place on Capital Blvd, which is about 30 minutes away. One thing for sure, avoid Michaelangelo's. Their old place made great pizza; in their new place they use one of those new ovens that sends the pizza through on a conveyor belt. The dough is chewy and has no flavor. Give Original NY Pizza a try.

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                        we do go by there usually for slices at lunch on the weekend. Excellent pizza.