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Feb 27, 2009 04:55 AM

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?

Living in south Florida with friends and family in MD, they all tell me the next time I come up I have got to try it. Is it really that good?

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    1. Ledo's is decent, dine-in or take out pizza. Theirs is a very thin crust, rectangular shaped pizza. The sauce is mildly sweet and I've had it with bacon. It's average in quality and certainly not as bad as masonuc would have you believe.

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      1. re: onocoffee

        I didn't say it was bad, I said it wasn't all that good. You seem to agree. It's decent pizza, I can name at least 3 places in DC that are better and that doesn't even include the places that actually have great pizza, like Two Amys.

        1. re: masonuc

          You really have to be craving Ledo's, or drunk, or both to truly enjoy it. I was sort of indifferent until I ordered one with EVERYTHING on it at the original store. My god! Big chunks of hand-torn breakfast sausage, thick chunks of vegetables, that chunky pepperoni. I disgraced myself. In an odd way it kinda reminded me of growing up and getting the old Shakey's pizza, when we'd order extra everything, just for the sheer satisfaction/horror of getting this massive Franken-pie.

          1. re: masonuc

            Sadly, you didn't say anything other than a measly "No." Way to give any level of insight to the OP. We don't agree because I actually offered something more than a "No."

        2. If you're a kid it's really good. If you're a grown-up it's meh.

          1. In defense of Ledo's, it's quite different than normal pizza. Some people love it, other's obviously don't. I really like it, but at the same time I don't try to compare it to regular pizza. The crust is very different, and I think that leads to very split opinions. I like the fact that they use provolone in their cheese blend. Now, I wouldn't go to far out of my way for their pizza, and they're probably even worse than Five Guys with major store to store consistency issues, but I assume you friends and family have a store they like. So no, it's not THAT good, but you're friends and family probably know your tastes, and feel that you're likely to like this different style of pizza.

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            1. re: Jason1

              Speaking of which... what are the "best" Five Guy branches? Ive had mixed luck too but Ive been to so many Ive forgotten where Ive been pleased and where it was just average.

              1. re: Insidious Rex

                I used to go to the 5G on King Street near Skyline. It was good.

                The one out on Gallows Road produces a VERY uninspired (to wit, tasteless) burger but normal and great 5G fries.

                Maybe the tastelessness was me and a bad tastebuds day. I'll try it again sometime.

              2. Go to the original Ledo's in Hyattsville.

                This board really should have a Ledo's FAQ. :)

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                1. re: 4X4

                  Agreed. Search this board on Ledo and Joe H and you'll get all the info you ever care to know about it - even how the franchise created the mess that is the Ledo's chain with all its variants.

                  Ed B - give the franchise oddness - you should also ask your friends and family WHICH Ledo location they're referring to.