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Feb 27, 2009 04:49 AM

[London] Best Bloody Mary?

I'm looking for the best bloody marys in London. For me it's all about the spice and the fresh lemon juice. So far I've discovered great ones at The Engineer, The Duke of York in Marylebone, and the restaurant at The National Portrait Gallery. Does anyone else have a recommendation?

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  1. I love the bloody marys at Bistrotheque

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      i had a bad one there! way too much worcestershire sauce (i find this a problem at a few places)

    2. Anchor & Hope Waterloo they use fresh horseradish and they make their own celery salt. Great Queen street on Great Queen street. The Bear on Camberwell new road. Harvey Nicks are not bad if your in Knightsbridge and the Groucho Club soho.

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        I had an excellent Bloody Mary at Bumpkin's Notting Hill (Westbourne Grove) location. Very horseradishy. It made me long for the joys of a Bloody Caesar.

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          What's a bloody caesar? I'm intrigued.

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            its just called a caesar, and it uses clamato juice. yes that's right, clam juice and tomato juice.

            Canadian's in particular are obsessed by them.

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              It's referred to both as a Caesar and as a Bloody Caesar, actually. (I'm one of those apparently "obsessed" Canadians.) It's not as gross as it sounds.

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          Oo, actually I don't like the one at Harvey Nicks. It's fresh and everything, but not spicy at all. Maybe I had a dud, or maybe I just like it really spicy. I'll try the gastropubs, thanks!

        3. Very good in Electric Brasserie. Perfect amount of kick, great on a Sunday morning with a hang over.

          The Electric
          191 Portobello Rd, Kensington, Greater London W11 2, GB

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            I had a pretty good one at Le Caprice; pricy though.

          2. Thanks for all the recommendations! I just wanted to say that today I found a fantastic bloody mary at Bentley's Oyster Bar.

            1. At a slight tangent, has anyone tried the tomato juice concoction "Big Tom" for home BM production? If not I urge you to do so. It's lovely.