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Feb 27, 2009 04:46 AM

Delray, Boca, Boynton not the usual, inexpensive to moderate gems.

Hey All,

I'm here visiting my mom from SF. I've been here a lot and have ate many great meals in downtown Delray. I love that street but with the economy and budget tightening I'd love for Florida chowhounds to dig a little deeper and come up with some other great finds beside the usual on Atlantic. I do love Anchor for fish and chips and the atmosphere of DaDa.

My mom and I like fish, Italian, Chinese and local favors. I'll eat anything but my mom's palette is a little more traditional, not spicey.

Thanks! I know you can help me out.


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  1. We just spent a week in Delray in January; full report and photos here:

    The best inexpensive gems we experienced were Boston's right over the beach (I know, it should be touristy and expensive - but it isn't!) and Roberto's Taco Shop, 1530 S. Federal Highway, Delray Beach Fl (no website, 561-243-3938). This was exactly the kind of place we love to find - Mom & Pop type operation (though their take out menu lists another location in Hialeah); food cooked from scratch to order with large portions and small prices.

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      Thanks for the info Nancy. I have been to Boston's. I've had hit or miss there but you can't beat the view on a nice night or day. We just went to 2 Georges in Boynton Beach on the Inter-coastal. The owners are from Maryland so crabcakes are the big thing here. Not as good as mine, I went to school in Maryland. But again you can beat the view and atmosphere. I'll have to check out Roberto's Thanks for the suggestions.


      1. re: love food

        There's an excellent new place on the Ave.

        I've been here for years and usually reco Dada or Lemongrass for reasonable but good food.

        But as I said there's a new place in town and they are filling a niche: Good food; on the ave; reasonable prices. Oh and a ridiculously good craft (microbrew) beer list if you are into that.

        But I don't want it to get too crowded, so that's all I can say for now.

        1. re: CFByrne

          CFB give me ( a local ) a clue please??

          1. re: smartie

            > CFB give me ( a local ) a clue please??

            No Bull
            Still has some Soul
            Butch and Nick again

              1. re: CFByrne

                Wow! Just checked out this menu and it is next on my list. Looks great. Any must haves on the menu?

                1. re: ash0529

                  I've had almost only apps and small plates. All were good.

                  Fish Dip ($7)
                  Italian Cured Meats ($11)
                  Crispy Rock Shrimp on Chili Sauce ($11)
                  Prime Beef Burger with aged cheddar and fries ($14)
                  Fish Tacos with napa cabbage, avocado and lime mojo ($12)

                  If you dine at the counter between 4 and 7 weekdays there are some ridiculous bargains on some of these; as well as many 2 for 1 drinks.

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    I finally got down to Delray to try it. Had the fish tacos and prime burger. Fish Tacos were great - perfectly cooked and flakey fresh fish with nice light breading. They had a nice mildly spicy kick to them as well. The burger was cooked med-rare and perfectly done. Good burger but I'll stick to Brass Ring for those. I think what I was most impressed with was that I ordered a Hefeweisen (2 for 1 btw), and the bartender served it correctly, pouring most of it into the glass then swishing around the last two ozs or so before pouring the rest. I've never seen a bartender actually serve it this way, and although it's a small thing, I was impressed. He knew his stuff! Great list of craft beers too. I'll be back.

                    1. re: ash0529

                      OK so for those wondering, we've been talking about Tryst - the new place in Delray, co-venture of 32 East and DaDa.

                      There's a very good video "review" and tour of the place from the Palm Beach Post on their site. You can see the inside, outside, menu, etc


                      It's one of my new favorites in town; I don't have to just go to DaDa now for moderate prices. They have a GREAT craft beer menu also. The staff is very friendly - bar manager Jason, bartenders Matt and of course Collin.

                      Co-owner Butch can often be found mingling around - be sure to say hi as he's interested in feedback. They really tried to fill a void on the Ave and I think they have with everything from Fish Tacos for about 10 bucks to gourmet plates in the mid-20's.

                      1. re: CFByrne

                        I went there last month and really enjoyed it too. We had oysters and the fish tacos. Both appetizers were good and the beers were really good too.

                2. re: CFByrne

                  is this in code. Please let me know. I'm a San Franciscan dying for a good meal.


                  1. re: CFByrne

                    OK I'm only down twice a year and don't get the clue. My son's on his way and asked for dinner recs.
                    Help, please.
                    Did something new go into Sole Kitchen?

                    1. re: lukshen

                      CF - Ignore me, I got it, thanks

            1. re: NancyH

              Read your blog. The Cuban Cafe in Delray is not nearly as good as the original in Boca Raton. Next time try the Cuban Cafe in Boca . . . you will not be disappointed.

              Cuban Cafe
              3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd Ste B32, Boca Raton, FL 33431

              1. re: Alfred G

                Sadly, the Cuban Cafe really slipped from 2008 to 2009 (we only had one meal each visit, of course). It was so good the first time! But so underpatronized the second - Alfred - do you know which went first, the quality or the customers?

                1. re: NancyH

                  From what they told me at the Boca location it was the quality. Chef in Delray not as good as the one in Boca.

              2. re: NancyH

                Real taquerias i.e. Roberto's Tacos - when you see a predominant Latino clientel, you know you are in the right place. I was wondering if they had al pastor and apparently they did from your blog. Those tacos look really good and I wonder what kind of salsas they offered other than a hot sauce.

                1. re: freakerdude

                  They had a variety of salsas; all looked homemade.