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Feb 27, 2009 04:24 AM

Zatanya's booked. Now What?

Trying to plan a surprise birthday dinner for one of my girlfriends. Her favorite restaurant in the area is Zatanya, but alas they are booked (the party is three weeks out from now and there are 10 of us). Any suggestions for fun and delicious dinners for a group of that size? The only real requirement is that the vegetarian options be as tasty as the meat options since she's a vegetarian. Thanks!

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  1. Another great restau that offers small plates (tapas) and is fun for groups is Jaleo on 7th St. The food is great and reasonably priced, plus they offer a yummy Spanish sparkling wine (Cava) which makes any party memorable!

    1. I would try Cafe Atlantico too, I think it and Zaytinya are the strongest of the Andres restaurants, not small plates but good.

      You might also check out Oya, not greek at all, but very good, or Zengo again in that area and good, Zengo has "small" plates although I think they are a pretty good portion more like appetizer size.

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        I 2nd Cafe Atlantico. I threw a birthday party there last Spring and we had an awesome time (and also had a vegetarian in the group). The food is good and the drinks are great! You should be able to get a table (but I would book it soon). The staff was very helpful, since my numbers kept changing. They basically just gave up a huge table on the very top floor and it worked out perfectly.

        Oya is also a good idea.

        If you are married to the idea of small plates, I would try Jaleo.

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          Are appetizers supposed to be smaller or larger than tapas? I thought they were considered to be basically the same size.

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            I always thought of them as basically the same thing. But maybe in some cases there are more (and therefore smaller in size) on a tapas plate? Good question though lol

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              REAL tapas are supposed to be about 2 bites, here in the states, I would normally say it is enough for two bites for four people, like at Zaytinya although a few meat things like skewers may only have 6 pieces?, appetizer portions are normally larger, at least in my opinion comparing a tapas at zaytinya, the "small plates" at Zengo are larger. I think 4 people could have much more than 2 bites, except for the sushi, of course, a roll is a roll.

            1. I would highly recommend Oyamel, Oya, and Zengo. I have been to Jaleo numerous times and have never liked it...just my opinion.
              Cafe Atlantico is pretty good (I've never done Minibar).
              I am going to SEI (the new Asian place by the owners of Oya) with a group tomorrow night and can report back...

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