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Feb 27, 2009 02:02 AM

Lunch in Stoneham

Bro wants to show me his new diggs in Stoneham and I want to take him to lunch. Any good lunch spots in Stoneham. He likes beef and I like salads and seafood.

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    1. My recs would be:

      Fellicias for Italian/American

      Tres Amigos for very good Mexican

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      1. re: RoyRon

        I'll second the recommendation for Three Amigos (not Tres Amigos as it really ought to be, IMO!)

        I'd go to 99 before I'd go to Grimsby's. But that's a bit far away anyway.

        Rang Bistro has a lunch beffut that's pretty good.

        I've not been terribly impressed with Gaetano's or Felicia's but I've only been to each once so my opinion isn't based on a broad spectrum of meals.

        Liberty Bell isn't too bad if you want seafood of the fried ilk. Not the best sandwich around (that's Billy's in Wakefield) but not bad either.

      2. If you want a casual place, I second the vote for Liberty Bell. Great salads, and an impressive menu of seafood and sandwiches (although I can't vouch for the quality of those).

        Gaetanos is great, if you want a sit-down, "nicer" place.

        Although Felicia's is good, there is ALWAYS a wait there, even if you have a reservation. They always overbook. Not sure if it's hectic for lunch, too, but for dinner it's insane.

        Grimsby's, on the Lynn Fells Parkway, right at the Melrose/Stoneham line, is pretty good. Nothing special, very much like a 99, but it's doable.