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Feb 26, 2009 10:49 PM

Best cookies in the Bay Area?

What is the best one you have ever had?

I need to buy 100 for a party we are having on the Penninsula this weekend and I want them to be scrumptious. Or something beautiful enough to be favors would work too. Alas, I waited too long to go the custom route, so sadly it needs to be something available off the shelf. But I figured if anyone would know, it would be you all. Thanks for the input!

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  1. Well, I'm rather fond of the oatmeal cookies at Draeger's. They're not too sweet and, if I recall correctly, have citrus zest in them which I found to be subtle, but tasty. I'm not sure if they would suit you as favors though - they're fairly typical drop cookies after all.

    1. I buy cookies every weekend from a company that sets up a table outside the Village Market in the Ferry Building-- cmbsweets. The chocolate chip are the best I've ever had, and the PB & J are great too, The woman behind the counter mentioned they do a 'milk and cookies' catering, so I ordered them for a big meeting we had a work. 24-hr turnaround, on-time delivery, everybody raved. Would def do it again. I don't think there's any metion of the cookies on the company's ebsite, but you can contact them at 415.337.0846. Hope that helps!

      1. Teacake Bake Shop has the most decadent cookies ever. More on the sumptous side of scrumptious. At $2 a pop I only get them as an occasional, decadent indulgence. I had a Chocolate Chunk Hazlenut yesterday - oh my! I see on their site that they have 'deals' on sets. All three outlets are NE of where you are, but it might be worth it.

        Tartine also has some fine looking cookies, but I can't vouch for them since I'm always sampling pastries.

        Teacake Bake Shop
        119 Corte Madera Town CT, Corte Madera, CA

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          Depends on what kind of cookies you are looking for. I agree that Teacake makes great large buttery cookies like chocolate chip... tho skip the awful cupcakes.

          La Biscotteria in Redwood City has wonderful biscotti. They sell at various markets, but the bakery in Redwood City has a larger selection including minis and some other Italian cookies. Also the biscotti at the store are fresh from the oven

          Emporio Rulli has some wonderful Italian cookies but they are pricey. They have a location at SFO and will validate parking with a minimum $20 order ... and trust me ... it will be more than $20 for 100 people.

          Anna's in San Mateo has Danish butter cookies

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            See, I don't like Teacake's cookies at all, but I love their cupcakes. I really like the cookies at Bakesale Betty in Oakland, and they're only $1 each. I also like the meringue cookies at Tartine Bakery, and those are pretty and unusual.

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              I also love the meringue cookies (I believe they are called Rocher) at Tartine Bakery. They have two kinds: one with cocoa nibs and the other with almond essence/slivers. They look like little white icebergs and are delicious, though they aren't the traditional sort of cookies you find at supermarkets, etc.

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              I've never seen cookies at the airport Rulli, which is disappointing because I really like some of them.

          2. I cannot vouch for these cookies, but there is a new cookie place on the corner of Brewster and El Camino in RWC. If you try them let us know!

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              Did some investigating, not worth it. Don't bother. I know it's too late, but I finally remembered the best cookies! It's the ones from the farmers market at College of San Mateo. Someone help me remember their name...

            2. A couple of cookies I like at Draeger's, unfortunately don't know the exact names, are their sugar/shortbread & mexican wedding/russian tea cookies. The former are the large ones they always have decorated with colorful sugar crystals & the latter are little mounds made with crushed pecans & coated with powdered sugar (much like Viennese crescents). Love the way these just crumble in your mouth. Whole Foods also carries good russian tea cookies. One other place I can think of is Prolific Oven in Palo Alto though I am not familiar with their cookies.

              BTW, Charm's Choc. chip cookies in RWC didn't get good reviews on Yelp.