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Anyone been to Corduroy recently? Suggestions/Thoughts?

Im going for my first time this Saturday night and was wondering if anyone has been recently. If you have any recommendations that would be great.


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  1. Everything is wonderful. Get the soup.

    1. I went a couple months ago and have been dieing to get back. The food is outstanding there! I personally loved the lobster carpaccio (I called it "the essence of lobster", it's light and delicious) and the scallops (in whatever form they come in on Saturday. Best scallops I've ever had.)

      Enjoy! (And make sure to report back!)

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        awesome, thanks Elyssa! ...and will do

      2. Last week they had a whole dorade as special, served on cold pressed olives. It was delicious, if you like fish and don't have problem with bones.

        1. Highlights from a meal 2 weeks ago (menus change frequently):
          rouge vif d'temps soup (pumpkin soup with bacon and foie)
          Duck leg and egg salad
          Pork cheeks osso bucco style
          apple tarte tatin

          Go early and have a drink/snack at the bar!

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            awesome, thanks for the insight

            we'll definitely go early and have some drinks at the bar

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              Yes I forgot about that duck leg and egg salad....very good. One of the best items we had that night.

            2. I just went last night. Food was pretty good, although I miss some of the item on their old menu from their previous location (mmmm pork belly)....

              Had the sea urchin pasta, the venion loin, and bread pudding. The venison was outstanding, the other two dishes were good, but not great.

              Others at the table had the whole dorade (very nicely done), the steak (also very good), and the lamb (again, pretty terrific).

              Dessert was really the weak point of the evening, the apple tart was very burned-tasting.... that was by design according to our server, and the other desserts were just ok. I wish they had let us sub in a cheese plate or something, but the dinner is a three course pre-fixe.
              However, all in all a very nice meal. The new atmosphere is terrific.

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                How much was the 3 course pre-fixe? Do they always have this? I noticed that for the first time in a long time they weren't participating in Restaurant Week.

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                    They haven't participated in RW since the new location opened, and they don't intend to, according to the GM.

                1. Everything was good but for crying out loud they need MUSIC! with the hardwood floors and built in acoustic challenges of an old bldg, music would be a great enhancer. The waitress told us "the chef doesn't like music to upstage his creations, blah blah blah...." it seems funny that now that every chef in every big city is a Wolfgang Puck wannabee we all have to hear what THEY want instead of what make US happy!
                  Sorry i digressed. Fish dishes are quite good there.

                  1. I really liked Corduroy. The decor was modern yet comforting, the service was exceptional, the food was terrific, and I'd definitely come back.

                    Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I were unable to do vday together for reasons outside of our control and we decided to make last weekend our vday makeup weekend. I called Corduroy two weeks in advance to make the Saturday night reservations and explained to the hostess, Erin, why we were dining with them that night. After explaining to her our vday debacle, she had a great suggestion for me and said she'd speak to the chef about putting together a special vday themed dessert for us. Perfect.

                    We arrived a bit early on purpose so that we could spend some time decompressing before dinner at the bar. I had an Oban 14, neat, and it was a healthy pour... good sign. The bar area upstairs is a nice place to catch a drink, though I doubt I'd come here if I wasnt dining here, merely becuase of where it's located.

                    I gave my gf a rose when I picked her up that night, which she wanted to bring in with her to the restaurant. When we were seated the first thing the waiter asked was if she wanted a small vase to put the rose in so that it didnt start to die while we were eating. Wow. I was impressed. The vase they brought out was cute and unassuming, perfect for a single rose. Needless to say, service here is top notch.

                    The pumpkin soup was fantastic, a must order if it's still on the menu. We also had the Duck Leg and Egg salad. This is a MUST order. Holy deliciousness. Cut up duck prepared perfectly, with microgreens in a light dressing with a slight kick to it and an egg, over easy on top of it all (or maybe it was poached, I forget). So good.

                    For entrees, we had the scallops in rice porridge and the whole dorade fish. Both were excellent and I'd recommend them in a heartbeat. The scallops, my goodness what that man does with scallops is fantastic.

                    I also had the Sazerac cocktail with orange bitters which was quite good.

                    Overall, I can't wait to come back.

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                      Now that's what I call service! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening.

                      I had the same reaction to the duck leg and egg salad (it's a perfectly poached egg if I remember correctly) and the scallops. I believe when I ate the scallops I actually moaned out loud it was that good :)

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                        And the lady at the next table said, "I'll have what she's having"?