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Feb 26, 2009 08:25 PM

What to order at Place Pigalle?

Going to Place Pigalle for a special occasion next weekend. The menu looks fantastic -- I've only ever gone for drinks and an appetizer, this will be my first full dinner there. Just wondering if there are any regulars who can help me narrow down my entree choices...everything sounds wonderful but I'm guessing that there are some standouts.

Note: Unless it's life-changing I'd rather not order the ribeye, simply because I can get good steak so many places (and frankly, I often default to steak because I love it so -- I don't want to fall into a rut).

Thanks! Can't wait.

Place Pigalle Restaurant
, Seattle, WA 98101

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  1. I've had dinner at Place a couple of times. The entrees are always seasonal and the best of what The Market has to offer for that time of the year. I always like the onion soup and the beet salad is a fall/winter must. The wine list is terrific. Enjoy caraely. I don't think you can make a bad choice!

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      Definitely start with the onion soup.

    2. The one thing I've had at Place Pigalle that disappointed was the dungeness crab. (I was with my dad, who ordered it against my advice. It was pre-cooked, obviously - they don't have live tanks.)

      Otherwise, the food is fine.

      1. I love their mussels because they are rich, delicious and include bacon. I make mussels the french way with white wine and shallots. Their preparation is with balsamic vinegar and bacon. Very rich and flavorful. Their desserts are delicious too.

        1. Just wanted to follow up and post what we ordered last night. We started with the calamari, which was delicious. Served with mushrooms and spinach in a fantastic broth. I had the french onion soup to start, and scallops for my entree. The soup was delicious but I think the Le Pichet version edges it out. Scallops were perfectly cooked and a great light choice after the rich soup. My companion had the green goddess salad (very good, very fresh, but it's strongly flavored with tarragon so be sure you love tarragon!) and the pasta special, which featured pork and a tomato sauce. Spicy and tasty. Had a lovely red wine that was recommended for us and, after dinner, we split the chocolate pot de creme. Delicious! Wish I had been hungry enough to order a creme brulee, too, but maybe next time.

          We had a lovely table in the back corner, by the window. Relaxed staff that seems to have been in place for a good long time -- everyone knows what they're doing and they have a confident, comfortable air about them .

          I love how PP is tucked away in the market. It feels like you're going to some secret location. Romantic.