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Must eats in Cobble Hill?

We will be staying in Cobble Hill for 9 days. Anything worth a try on a student's budget ? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, Indian, Australian, spicy, sweet, ... anything goes!

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  1. a few places for you to try: Zaytoons (great Middle Eastern restaurant) Chestnut (go on Tuesday or Wednesday and get the $25 dinner special!) Char No. 4 (amazing bacon and whisky), Chocolate Room (for dessert), Clover Club (for chi-chi cocktails.) If you like lamb, check out Yemen Cafe on Atlantic.

    DO NOT go to Lobo - I know it looks cute, but it's awful!

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      Chestnut's dinner special has gone up to $30 i think

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        Yes, it changed to $30 a number of months ago. Still a deal!

    2. Don't miss Lucali's for pizza. Also Fatoosh is good for middle eastern, but I'm not sure it counts as a "must eat." There are also some good options on Smith st.: Bar Tabac, Cafe Luluc, etc.

      1. Fragole and Frankie's both offer great Italian, and are very affordable (3 huge meatballs at Frankie's are like $9 or something like that). I think both are great in their own right but right now I'm dreaming of the pappardelle with short ribs that I had at Fragole last night.

        For a great pub, head to Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic - I think they have the greatest burger and their beer list is terrific.

        I'm also a big fan of Clover Club, Chestnut and Cafe Luluc which were mentioned above. If you want to stock some beer for where you're staying, head to American Beer Distributors which is kind of diagonally across from the movie theater on Court. Lots of great choices there.

        1. Thanks everyone!
          Definitely gonna try all of those.

          Is Grimaldi's worth a visit?

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            For pizza, Lucalli's is both miles closer and miles better. Grimaldi's is pretty much strictly for tourists these days.

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              Haven't been to Grimaldi's in years. The pizza used to be decent but not worth the wait.

              Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill offers a great number of fine pizza places. Usually only Lucali is difficult to get a table at.

              My personal list:

              1) Lucali - great pizza, nice atmosphere, byob a plus too.
              2) Luna Rossa - authentic Naples style individual pizzas, great crust. Simple pizzas are best here, margherita is great and good value. Full menu.
              3) Sam's - Old Brooklyn style, "take it or leave it" service/atmosphere, excellent old NY style pizza.
              4) Marco Polo To Go - Naples style pizzas, indiv. or family size, crust less good than Luna Rossa but toppings better if you go for them. Not much atmosphere if you eat in though.
              5) South Brooklyn Pizza - Coal oven, plain pie is OK if usually a bit charred. Clam pie is an interesting change of pace.

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                Many (20?) years ago before we discovered DiFara's (and cholesterol<g>) our goto often Pizza place in CH/CG was Nino's on Henry & Union. Has anyone tried its replacement, Fransisco's?

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                  It's adequate but nothing special. My preference for a neighborhood slice joint (as opposed to a place where you order by the pie) is House of Pizza and Calzone on Union. They have great grandma slices. I haven't worked up the intenstinal courage to go for one of their deep fried calzones though.

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                    Agreed. I prefer House of PIzza for slices. I find Francesco's a bit cheese heavy (some may find this a plus). Not crazy about the deep fried calzones at House of Pizza. Maybe I've been spoiled by Lucali's calzone (best I've ever tried).

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                Lucali is the best for pizza. Recently went to DiFara's expecting it to bump Lucali off the top of my list, but no. Lucali.

              3. dont know where you are visiting from - depending on what you can get at home, you should consider visiting the middle eastern strip on Atlantic Ave e. of Court Street - Sahadi for great shopping and prepared foods, Damascus bakery for pastries and breads, Waterfalls and the two Yemeni restaurants (incl the one on Court). Second, the old italian neighborhood in Carroll Gardens for bakeries (my fave is the one at Union and Clinton, for lard bread and country loaves), fresh still warm mozzarella cheese, sausages, etc. Lucali's for pizza and Ferdinando's Foccaceria for a rice ball or panelle (fried chickpea patties) will give you a taste you cant find at home, most likely. A walk from where you are but DaFontes in Red Hook for fantastic italian sandwiches (for example hot tender beefy roast beef with juice, and mozzarella on good bread) One of those will last you a couple of meals.
                Check out Trader Joes (AtLantic and Court) if you dont have one of those where you come from.

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                  A strong second on DeFonte's, weather pending. Good walk, better sandwich. While you're there, pick yourself up a bottle or two of Brooklyn's own Manhattan Special, an expresso soda drink that's not all that easy to come by these days.

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                    Caputo's on Court (bet 3rd & 4th) Masteleone's (Court & Degraw) and G. Esposito's & Sons on Court St. (bet President & Union Sts) also make very good sandwiches as well. For a meal they’re relatively inexpensive, but just a bit pricey for sandwiches IMO. However, they are not small and use better ingredients then you would find in your average deli. Even though they're all in CG they're a 5 - 10 walk from the edge of Cobble HIll.

                2. ChipShop on Atlantic for great fish and chips. Joya on Court street for excellent thai food that is perfect for the student budget. Good bagel check out Court Street Bagels. Take a walk down to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Enjoy!

                  1. Bocca Lupo on Henry & Warren(?) is fantastic italian small plates. Everyone I've ever taken there loves it, though it may stretch a student's budget. Also try Alma on Columbia St & Degraw for pretty solid mexican and worth-the-trip views of Manhattan across the water. For cheap stuff hit the middle eastern spots on Atlantic, especially the veggie options at Waterfalls Cafe.

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                      I'm headed to Cobble Hill/ Park Slope tonight. Any suggestions for good dinners for two for less than $20? (went to Song last time, loved it).

                      I'm fine with holes in the wall. Only requirements are delicious and chicken or veggie options on the menu.

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                        You might be able to do that at Chance. I don't know if it is delicious but it's pretty solid.

                        Lucali is delicious and I think a pizza is $18.

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                          It was $18 at one time. But now $24 for a plain now at Lucali. A couple of toppings easily pushes it over $30.

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                            The OP asked for something on a student budget. Though good I would think Lucali, and a # of other responses, was probably out of the OP's range.

                    2. People need to really watch their adjectives. Neither Zaytoon's nor Fragole are "great," and Joya is definitely not "excellent." All three are mediocre to good, at best.

                      I've lived in CH for 10 years and i can tell you that the food is meh. Sorry, but it is. The best restaurant in the nabe is Nine D, the Thai place on Court and 3rd Place (not technically CH, but oh well). Being from California (home of killer Thai) I can tell you that this is the one place worth mentioning.

                      That, and Sam's take-out pizza- are the two stars of an otherwise dreary dining experience. Lots of choices doesn't mean lots of good food, sadly.

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                        Yeah I try to avoid Joya..usually get Em Thai but I have to give Nine D a try.
                        Ki Sushi is pretty good for cooked dishes..the sushi is alright.
                        Lucali's is great! Eaton has pretty good dumplings and I like their shave ice in the summer. Sams has good pizza but I would stay away from anything else on their menu.

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                          Nine D, really? I think of that as just another mediocre thai spot in the 'hood. (Agreed that Joya ain't no great shakes either, though.) My fave thai is Teeda over on Columbia St. Speaking of which, I think Mazzat (right near Teeda) is the best middle eastern south of Atlantic. Great falafel and veggie salads.

                          And this isn't really for a student budget, but Chestnut elevates the nabe from mediocre to destination-worthy.

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                            Great? Great's a big word BUT I went to Char No. 4 for the first time the other night, and the food was yummy (although not great, totally satisfying and will eat again, as it is around the corner from my new home) and the bourbons were "great" which made it a "great" experience. The ability to try 1 oz. portions and thus to sample so many different bourbons (until they and everything else started to run together) was delightful. The various sausages we shared were hearty, tasty and a good foil for all the alcohol.