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Feb 26, 2009 08:18 PM

Any place like Boulevard SF in LA?

I recently moved to LA from San Francisco and I really miss the restaurant scene. We had so many great neighborhood places and now I live in Manhattan Beach where we can't even get good sushi. One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco was to celebrate special occasions at Boulevard. For anyone who knows Boulevard, is there a LA equivalent? A place that has amazing food, seasonal menu, classy but not fancy, not sceney, reasonable prices ($20-35 entrees)?


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  1. Aah, Boulevard. Back when I was in advertising, I missed a lunch at Boulevard because I was getting my wisdom teeth out. I'm still not over missing that lunch and never getting to try Boulevard!

    Quite a schlep from Manhattan Beach, but Palate is the first place that comes to mind. Reasonable prices, farmer's market driven menu, inspired and constantly changing menu, very down-to-earth scene. They've been getting some incredible reviews and were just nominated for a James Beard award, so reservations are a must if you want a table. You can always just stop by however and wait for a seat at one of the communal tables.

    Oh, also Canele in Atwater Village, also pretty far for you but a great spot with similar inspirations and price points.

    Maybe Joe's in Venice?

    3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

    Palate Food & Wine
    933 South Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91204

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      hey sue do you happen to have a link to the james beard nominations? thanks.

    2. Jiraffe & Josie in Santa Monica both have groovy 'market menus'. I sure do miss Boulevard...the food at Grace reminds me of it a bit.

      1. Head north. Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica; Fraiche in Culver City; and Grace, Hatfield's, and Lucques in LA. Not exactly like Boulevard but they all have that cal-cuisine, good delicious food you're looking for. Grace and Hatfield's are probably better.

        As for sushi, you won't be missing SF sushi for long. LA sushi is leagues beyond what SF can offer. Mori, Sushi Zo, and Kiriko easily top SF's best.

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          Another strong contender is Wilshire on the edge of Santa Monica. Lovely patio and some fairly creative and well made food without service drama.

          Wilshire Restaurant
          2454 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404

        2. Boulevard is not dissimilar to Campanile, a restaurant that in many ways seems to have inspired it. Campanile's flavors may have a bit more depth, but both kitchens feature Mediterranean-influenced, ingredient-obsessed, herb-intensive, big-portioned, grill-happy California cooking, and if you like the one, you will like the other.

          1. I love Boulevard and have been there many times, and L.A. doesn't have a place that quite matches the combination of atmosphere and food. (And I wish we had a place comparable to Slanted Door.) Lucques is probably closest, not in atmosphere but in food (and perhaps better food at Lucques). And like Condiment said, Campanile is comparable. Rustic Canyon shares a vibe. In MB, try Darren's-- tiny, and kinda pricey, but good. I've had good experiences at Beechwood in Venice, too, and it shares a modern-American spirit with Boulevard.

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              can i get more info on darren's in manhattan beach.? i've never heard of it before.


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                  link didn't work, just took me to the mainframe.

                  can you post in the body of the email?

                  thanks a bunch.