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Feb 26, 2009 08:13 PM

Chicago Style Dogs

just wanted to let any chicago hotdog fanatics know that there is a local bakery that will make small batches of proper poppy seed hotdog rolls. The Crown bakery in Worcester was tapped by Beezers (a chicago dog stand in Northboro) last year to supply them, and they are more than happy to accomadate non-commercial orders. I know how difficult it can be to get the correct rolls, dogs, relish, sport peppers, etc., and this is a small step in the right direction. Also, Beezers is on rt. 20 in northboro, just a few miles off 495, and is well worth the effort. also great fried seafood, and ice cream. I think that they're closed for the season, but that should be ending soon. I tell all of you this because, let's face it, a good dog is always worth it!!!!

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  1. Oh yeah kvnm2271,
    BeeZers (correct punctuation) is terrific slice of road food Americanus! Go for the Chi dogs, burgers, seafood, veggie options, freshly sliced fries & onion rings, frappes, sundaes, hard & soft ice creams and rasberry-lime rickeys! Did I tell you go?
    April opening I believe.....hurry!


    BTW, here's their website;

    14 E Main St, Northborough, MA 01532

    1. Also Windy City Eats in Weymouth has gotten some good reports for Chicago dogs - Italian beef and sausage too. A friend of mine went and said it was spot on - and now I'm itching to get there.

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      1. re: LStaff

        I wouldn't go way out of my way to get to Windy City. It was just ok. The Chicago hot dog thing is kind of a joke anyway. Just go to Speed's and get blown away. Windy City only if you're in the neighborhood and need a hot dog fix.

        1. re: CocoDan

          That's the way I feel about Beezer's too. I'll stop in for a Chicago dog if I'm in the neighborhood, but I won't go out of my way to go there. Red Hot Lovers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is another story; that's a place for which I'd happily go out of my way for two Chicago dogs (charred), side of Clancy's hot sauce, and cheese fries (their's are waffle style served with real cheddar) with chopped onions and hot peppers!

          1. re: CocoDan

            I'd agree with that assessment of Windy city. Great if you're around and have a hankerin' but i wouldn't drive out of the way for it.

            1. re: CocoDan

              If you are a TRUE Chicago Vienna Hot Dog fan, you will be in heaven finally finding a place like Windy City Eats with their full stock of Vienna products, poppy seed buns, etc! Beezer's was a disappointment to me for their "Chicago" hot dog.

          2. how do they compare to places mentioned in this thread?


            my personal favorite includes wieners circle and hot dougs

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            1. re: cockscomb

              Windy City Eats is as close to Fluky's, Poochie's, Weiner Circle (only at 2am of course!), Super Dawg, Gold Coast Dog, etc you will find in this area. I am sure Breezer's ice cream and other items are fine, but their hot dog seemed more like a 7-11 dog to me. I am not doubting Speed's is good, but if one is craving a Vienna beef dog, that is what one wants. And so far Windy City Eats is the only place near Boston that I have found capable of satisfying that. Enjoy!

              1. re: volleydolly

                thanks volleydolly. is the customer service at windy city as gracious as wiener circle?? is there any place like that in boston???

                1. re: cockscomb

                  Windy City Eats married owners Grady and Sen (sp?) could not be more hospitable. They seem to remember everyone's name. It's a small place, but seems to have more and more people there each time and is always a nice friendly crowd comparing favorite things on the menu and/or sharing Chicago experiences while waiting for orders and/or to order.

                  As for comparing service at Weiner Circle? lol! I was younger and doing the Lincoln Park scene at the time, so of course was hitting it late night. Need I explain any further why I may not fully remember the service? lol!

                  1. re: volleydolly

                    Grady's memory is like an elephants. I was in the area last night and popped in here, having only been in once before. He immediately recognized me, remembered some of the stuff that we talked about, etc. At some point he brought out a frequent buyer's card, saying that he didn't give me one last time - it was already marked up with not just my order last night but the right # of dogs from the last order too.

                    All that could be kinda creepy on the wrong guy, but he's *really* nice which makes it pretty endearing :)

                    As for the chicago dog, IMO it's right up there with any that I've had in chicago.

            2. Well, not every TRUE chicago dog is made with vienna beef. Many are made with Irvings Chicago RedHots, which is what they serve at BeeZers. I'm a pretty good chicago dog snob myself, but have always been happy with what i got there. These people make the effort, and deserve to be recognized for it.

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              1. re: kvnm2271

                Agreed! Plus, you can get excellent fried clams and onion rings. Oh, and outstanding ice cream. Love, love, love BeeZers.

                1. re: kvnm2271

                  I was raised on Vienna Beef dogs, and the places that served only Vienna beef, which is why those to me have always been considered a Chicago Dog. My apologies for offending Beezers and those that are Irvings Red Hot fans. But why for me, Windy City Eats with it's Vienna Beef line hits the spot in a much appreciated way! (although no fries in the bag). lol!

                  However, that makes sense now why Beezers didnt taste authentic to me, so thanks for educating me. So is Vienna Beef vs Irvings red hots like a white sox vs cub thing? lol! Glad you are enjoying your dogs at beezers!!

                  1. re: kvnm2271

                    Just back from The Party and you are absolutely correct.
                    Although Vienna predominates, Irving's Chicago RedHots is a solid second in sales and actually the preferred dog of many. Horror of horrors, there are, even in Chicago, those places with the temerity to serve Hebrew National expecting to get repeat business and they do. The interjection of Speeds into this post is superfluous. You might as well be comparing Chicago deep-dish with Pepe's, Dafara's or Regina's. As they are two vastly different styles. One's not right nor is the other wrong. It's just what you were brought up on, acquired a liking for, or is your dog-of-the-day.

                    Is a BeeZers, Windy City or whatever a place worth driving to? It depends on The Hound's predelictions travelling habits. Both place are, by definition, "roadfood" places. Are they destinations or re-fueling stops along the way to the latest foodie's Holy Grail? It's not my concern, it's yours.

                    Living in Wayland, I'm normally making a BeeZers stop going to or coming back from Julio's Liqour in Westborough. But we've also just been just out tooling around the countryside in the Jeep Wrangler. Knowing, that BeeZers would probably be where the trusty 4x4 would lead us. Many years ago, when we first moved west of 128, the Dairy Joy in Weston on Rte.117 was supposed to be the big thing for roadfood in the W-towns. It wasn't great back then but there were times when the fried clams at least made a passingly close approximation of a trip to Essex or Ipswitch. Today it just plain sucks. At premium pricing you wouldn't think the Dairy Joy draws much of a crowd but they do. BeeZers, item for item, simply blows Dairy Joy away, IMO.

                    There's a third Chi Dogger that hasn't been mentioned on this thread and is also Hound-worthy, Rondogs of Beverly .They do use Vienna's for those who think that's the litmus test. Here's a past CH thread on Rondogs and also comments on Windy City ;


                    The link also includes their website.

                    The Scotty Dog
                    437 Rantoul St, Beverly, MA 01915

                  2. for those of you who are interested... if you really are having a vienna beef craving, you can go to their website and order a chicago dog package. it's 29.95 + shipping, and includes 16 vienna beefs, 16 s. rosen poppyseed buns, a tall jar of vienna neon green relish, tall jar of vienna sport peppers, plochmans mustard, and celery salt. i just ordered this last week, and was real happy with the product. The only drawback is that they ship the skinless franks, which i didn't realize until later. But, all in all very good, and very chicago doggy!