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Feb 26, 2009 07:40 PM

Great coffee in New Orleans?

We are coming to New Orleans for a week in March from San Francisco Bay Area. My husband's first visit to the city. He's a big foodie and has restaurants all picked out.
I've got to admit, I'm a terrible, coffee snob and often bring my own coffee and Melita-drip-cone-thing for that one perfect cup of coffee that I love every morning.

Is there great coffee in New Orleans and can I leave my coffee paraphenalia at home? We're staying at The Frenchmen Hotel in the Faubourg Marigny district.

Thanks for any great coffee places nearby.

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  1. We love Coffee & Chicory and it's a staple.
    Do you think you would like it? Some say it's an acquired taste.

    Having lived here all of my life & growing up on Costa Rican coffee
    and Cafe du Monde Cafe au Lait . . . . I'm afraid I'm biased.

    I take my coffee paraphenalia with me when I travel as well.

    What kind of coffee do you like & use? Knowing that would help.

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      Costa Rican sounds good. We usually buy freshly roasted beans and grind them fresh each morning. I think they're a mixture of different South American beans.
      Thanks for the initial tips.

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        I think Mothers resturant (know for breakfast) is way overrated that said I think they have the very best New Orleans Style Coffee. When we are there we try to stop a buy a pound to take home....


      2. My favorite cup of espresso these days is found at La Divina gelateria on Magazine St, but it's a straight-ahead, italian style shot. Delicious though, and custom-blended & roasted especially for La Divina.

        Not many places in NOLA have adopted the low-temp roasted/strongly brewed trend that's popular in the Bay area. We don't have a Blue Bottle style place.

        But we do have our own particular coffee culture---be sure to try a cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, made with coffee & chicory. You may hate it, but it is the real deal, beloved by locals.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          We will, for sure, try a cup of New Orleans style coffee and report back!


          for coffee and brekkie:
          New Orleans Cake Cafe and Bakery. 2440 Chartres
          Croissant D'or Patisserie. 617 Ursulines Ave.
          Coffee Pot. 714 St. Peter.
          Daisy Dukes. 121 Chartres
          Rib Room. 621 St. Louis
          Coffea. 3218 Dauphine
          Elizabeth's. 601 Gallier

          1. Try the Orange Couch, on Royal in the Marigny Rectangle (your hotel is in the Triangle) about 3 blocks from your hotel (across Elysian Fields). the owner, whose name escapes me at the moment, is from SF, and they have live jazz on Monday and Thursday nights. Perfect for after-dinner coffee and very good music. As is common in New Orleans, the musicians are nobody you've ever heard of and terrific.

            2339 Royal Street
            New Orleans, LA 70117
            (504) 267-7327

            Also, for am coffee you might try Cafe Rose Nicaud on Frenchmen, 2 blocks from your hotel.

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            1. re: jeffchow

              Thanks, I look forward to trying Orange Couch and Cafe Rose. It will be nice to try a variety of places. I'm sure we'll luck out at least once.

            2. I haven't been but Community Coffee House on 941 Royal looks like a good possibility. Any comments from someone who's been there?