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Feb 26, 2009 07:20 PM

Best 'ethnic' dishes in the city?

I always feel like I get in a rut with the restaurants I frequent in NO, but I love me some ethnic cooking, so I was wondering if anyone had good recommendations. To start off, I love the cubano sandwich at Churro's in Metairie, and the lamb and couscous at Jamila's.

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  1. I like many menu items at Lebanon Cafe, Nine Roses (Vietnamese), Little Tokyo,
    Country Taste (Brazilian). Do you eat everything? If not, let us know so I can be more specific.

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    1. re: Isabella

      I eat EVERYTHING. And I appreciate your suggestions!

      1. re: Isabella

        Mona's in Midcity beats out Lebanon everytime. The other locations aren't nearly as good, though.

      2. Chinese:
        China Rose, be sure to ask for the Authentic Chinese menu for the real deal
        Royal China, order the dim sum

        Kim Son, for salt baked lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops, lettuce wraps, garlic green beans and the special 7 course meat dinner
        Cafe Minh for asian short ribs, bouillabaisse,

        Chateau du Lac, for mushroom strudel, foie gras, coq au vin
        Cafe Degas, moules, onion soup, and their specials
        Lilette, braised veal cheeks, braised pork belly, coq au vin

        Jamila's Cafe, lamb tagine, rack of lamb, lamb merguez

        Vega for their special Med menus

        Laurentino's for paella and order every app (they're all good)
        Lola's for their lamb stew (on a cold night)

        Sara's for lamb oxford, lamb vindaloo and lemongrass crab bisque

        Irene's, love the duck
        Fausto's for eggplant parm, fett carbonara, and veal saltimbocca or marsala
        Two Tony's for their lasagna
        Ciro's Cote Sud for their lasagna

        La Thai for their Tom Gar Gai soup, seafood stuffed pineapple, and any of the red or green curries

        take your pick of all the taquerias popping up all over town
        Felipe's for their shrimp quesadillas, pork tamales, and steak taco salad and many margaritas

        Clementine's, no one does mussels and frites better

        goat curry roti at Boswell's on Tulane

        1. Anything at Lola!!!!

          Pupusas at Pupuseria Divino Corazon on Belle Chasse highway

          Pho at Pho Bang on Manhattan

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          1. re: nikinik

            There's an Indian restaurant called [I think] Tandoori Chicken on Cleary Ave. in Metairie, just north of the I-10 overpass. It's hidden in a little strip of bars and stores and a motorcycle shop. It's a little pricey to me, but I really like the saag paneer there. And the rice is way better than Taj Mahal.

            1. re: midcity

              Have you tried the saag paneer at Sara's? It is more expensive than other Indian places, but it is so much better than any other I've had in town. I will definitely try the place on Cleary though. Always in search of good saag paneer.

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                I've never been to Sara's [really busy and few dining partners], but I've been meaning to check out Curry Corner soon on the way home some night. I read on here that it's run by the same people. Do you think I have a chance of getting saag paneer there?

                1. re: midcity

                  I gave Curry Corner two shots and thought it was very subpar both times. Never been back.

          2. Go to Taqueria Sanchez on the I-10 Service Road by Causeway.

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            1. Two Tony's Restaurant on hammond hwy in Bucktown for Italian and seafood

              Their Lasagna is phenominal and their fried eggplant and artichoke hearts are delicious

              Byblos Market on Veterans Blvd.

              Their chicken schwarma sandwiches and hummus are the best

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              1. re: 22ndstreet

                Lola's paella with some mojo on the side.