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Feb 26, 2009 06:19 PM

one dinner in montreal

The dilemma: I will be in Montreal for dinner Sunday night. I was going to go to Au Pied de Cochon, but this Sunday is the one Sunday they are closed all year. How annoying, but what can you do?

Eat somewhere else.

But where? I need suggestions. Some place open on Sunday night, food along the lines of APDC would be nice, but I am really open. I am staying just a few blocks away from APDC, so something in the area would be nice.

I know this is a rather vast query, but I am hoping the wise people here can help.

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  1. you could try le local.. its had alot of great reviews including being rated the 2nd best new restaurant in canada for 2008.
    not exactly the same as APDC but i dont think much is.
    i checked the website and they are open sunday until 11pm...

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      Le Local is not in same area of town as APDC. While I might recommend it if the OP were in town for several days I would never recommend it for a "one dinner in Montreal" question...the food is good, as is the eye candy, but the service ranges from incompetent to smug.

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        " "

        Wow, they put Louis-François Marcotte's picture up front, but they never even mention his name.

        ...He's just that famous.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          He's Montreal's McDreamy according to one "über-branché" local restaurant reviewer!!!

          For something along the same lines as APDC and open on Sunday, the OP might consider La Salle à Manger (1302 Mont Royal East at Chambord, 514 522-0777). That's not a personal recco, however, as I've yet to visit.

          Other than that, one of the big bistros?

          1. re: carswell

            Agreed with Salle A Manger as it is in the same vein (in many respects) as APDC. There is a review on my website (see profile). I would also recommend Bistro Bienville although not certain it is open Sundays and is a little more of a trek.

            Bonne chan'


            1. re: thelonious777

              Bistro Bienville is great but closed on Sundays, at least for dinner. The good news is they plan to open for Sunday brunch beginning March 15.

      2. There is La Colombe next door (nice french BYOB), or short walk away there is Le Petit Plateau (another nice BYOB with classic southwestern french food), or Cocagne (fancy french). For more exotic, you could try Mochica (fancy peruvian). I have tried all of these except Cocagne, and IMHO all offer better food than APDC (but less trendyness).

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        1. re: johnnyboy

          Good suggestions, though La Colombe, Le P'tit Plateau and Cocagne are all closed on Sunday.

        2. Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays. However, Festival Montreal en lumiere is on until Sunday, so there are some interesting options that you might want to consider. While none will be quite like APDC, there should be something you'd find interesting.
          Au Petit Extra has a chef from Paul Bert there until Sunday night, and Le Jolifou has what looks to be quite an interesting mix of flavours. Not part of the festival, but interesting nonetheless, and open Sunday, are Bouchonne and Lemeac.

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          1. re: cherylmtl

            Thanks for all the recommendations. I ended up eating at L'Express, which was delightful. Os a la moelle for an app, rognons de veau for the main, a couple of glasses of cahors and the apple crumble to finish. Classic french food, well-executed. I sat at the comptoir and the two guys next to me both raved about their fish soup, but I could not resist the bone marrow. One of them, by the way, is a chef at another local restaurant and his happy presence on his day off signaled that L'Express is worth visiting. But you locals probably all know that already. My next trip will be much longer and in a warmer season.