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Feb 26, 2009 05:08 PM

Jamon Iberico

For a long time I've wanted to try this. Today I stopped by a local gourmet deli to pick up an EVOO refill and noticed it in the case, and got a few slices and a baguette to go. At home I found the ham was impossibly stiff, kind of like cardboard. The flavor was wonderful ---- where it was chewable (not all of it). Some knowledgeable chowhound, is this the way Jamon Iberico always is? Or was it not what it should have been?

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  1. no, the deli probably had pre-sliced it and it had dried out, or it was an improperly stored whole ham and it dried out. It should be more moist and it does have the delicious flavor that you liked, but this was probably just improper storage.

    1. that doesn't sound right at all. how thinly was it sliced? it should be almost shaved but not so thin as to fall apart.

      1. no, this was not right at all.
        texture-wise, it should have been like proscuitto.
        the fact that the flavor was there but the texture was the suck sounds like they didn't store it right and it got all dried out.
        so sad!
        jamon iberico should be like a porkgasm in your mouth.

        1. Thanks, everyone. For the honor of jamon iberico ---- and as a heads-up on the gourmet deli. In light of your comments, he shouldn't have been selling it I didn't see him cutting it). Given dina's description --- the search continues!

          1. At even more than $100.00 per pound stateside,you have a MAJOR,LEGITIMATE complaint.No two ways about it .Was it the real deal?
            You might wish to your quality ,perhaps authenticity questions and honest gripe to
            La Tienda in Williamsburg Va.I think is the only importer at this time.
            I would hope they have an interest the reputation of the product.IMHO you were cheated.