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Feb 26, 2009 04:46 PM

Recommendations for Easter weekend?

Price no object - location no object - just want to sample the best food that Vancouver restuarants currently have on offer.
Recommendations for a late dinner after arrival Thursday night (10 p.m.?)
Would also like recommendations for lunch and/or dim sum, and dinner for the rest of the weekend (through Sunday night) - I loved West last time I was in town, but would also like to try Vij - is it impossible to get into without a long wait?

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  1. You will have to endure the lineup at Vij's on those nights for sure.

    My recommendations for the "best" of Vancouver (I'm assuming you have a preference in the FIne Dining and Casual Fine Dining categories):
    db Bistro Moderne
    La Buca
    La Quercia
    Blue Water
    (there are quite a number of others in this category)

    Late arrival restaurant - the Revel Room is open late as is Red x Red (Red "Squared") - a Russian(!) Tapas place.
    Lunch/Dim Sum - (assuming you are staying downtown) - Kirin or Sun Sui Wah. Granville Island Market, Rangoli (Vij's sister restaurant)., Phnom Penh,

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      Thanks - you got my preferences - I also love authentic ethnic places, any cuisine. I'll take at look at on line menus for the places you suggested and do a bit more reading of this board. Russian tapas - who knew? In your experience, is lining up at Vij worth it? I ask because I just don't believe in queueing up for food - too undignified - until the day, perhaps soon, when I might have to eat at a soup kitchen :( Also, I got the Vij cookbook, sourced all the exact ingredients (black chickpeas, fresh curry leaves etc., not hard to do in Toronto, and followed the recipes to the (really long and involved) letter, yet the results were..... a bit of a letdown. So I am dying to try the restuarant itself and see what I can glean.